Sumbawa Lakey Peak Surfaris

Central / South Sumbawa
LAKEY PEAK  (HUU BEACH – Nearest township is Dompu)
There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in front of LAKEY BEACH
The main wave 'The peak' has a left and a right hand take off.
Lakey Peak – some describe it as the Sumbawa Machine. An intense hollow right & lefthand peak, with the left generally being longer, the right can fire on the proper swell direction. An A frame set up with a guaranteed backdoor for those with the balls to pull in. Best at 5-8 foot that holds all sizes and goes off at mid-tides, and the left can provide some deep barrels to surfed at low tides if the swell is big enough.  When it is 2 to 3 foot it is a lot of fun for all standards of surfers.
Lakey Pipe is on either side of  'The peak' a popular wave amongst the body boarders. This wave ducks and weaves towards a hollowing section. It is surfable from 2 - 6 foot. Although Best up to 5 feet and at mid tide
Cobblestones is another popular wave within walking distance of the hotels.
Nungas - Under 8’ the wave breaks down into several sections of 50 meters or so, one or all may be surfable. But at 8’ the sections start to connect offering rides of 200 meters or more, with flat spots, hot-dog walls, full-on barrels all thrown into one ride. Best take-off spot is determined on an hourly basis. Can handle a crowd and swells as big as they come.
Periscopes -  around 1 kilometre from Nungas . This fun Righthander wave at the eastern end of a long reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a high, tight barrel over a relatively safe reef platform, and a clean exit into a channel. A short paddle out . Better at high tides with glassy or N (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades. Holds only to about 8’. About a 1.5 kilometre walk up the beach from your accommodation.
The Peak Swell period is from April to September.
Late and  Early season October to March can offer perfect clean conditions with light winds.


INCLUDES: HOTEL/AIRPORT/HOTEL Transfers in Bali and Sumbawa, return airfares BALI/SUMBAWA/BALI, BEACHSIDE accommodation at Lakey Peak including breakfast.

For all our guests we organise Hotel transfers (return trip) we will also transfer the guests to the airport 2 hrs before flight departs… (We suggest that guests only bring a maximum of 2 surfboards with a maximum height of 9 foot 2 inches) Apon arriving at their accommodation the guests will be given there room and get ready for their first surf…With Lakey Peak only 30 metres up the beach and then a paddle out around 200metres out to the break. Other breaks Nungas and Lakey Pipe are a further walk.. If guests would like to try periscopes then it is around 1km further up the beach from the camp. For there return to Bali, our staff will transfer the guests to the airport. On arrival in Bali guests will be met at the terminal and transferred to there hotel.


WSB SURFCAMP: Located directly in front of the renouned Lakey Peak and short walk to Periscopes. Offering the adventurous surfer a clean, safe and friendly environment to relax and enjoy the unique pace of life in Sumbawa.With aircondition restaurant with big screen television and bar, Pool table, Tennis table, Television with Video disk player, Restaurant open for breakfast lunch and dinner offering a good range of western and indonesian food…with softdrinks, mineral water, and beer available….
ROOM FACILITIES: offer ceiling fans or airconditioned rooms, ensuites and secluded privacy

Located directly in front of the famous LAKEY PEAK and a short walk to other surfpoints. This is by far the best place in Lakeys to stay. Suitable for guys, girls and children alike.
ROOM FACILITIES: The rooms are completed with an oversized bed, private bathroom with bathtub and hot and cold running water, Television and cable/satelite channels. 30 rooms are air conditioned and the rest with ceiling fans.
HOTEL FACILITIES: is equipped with 40 well room set in mixture of modern and local architecture with a private terrace or balcony over looking an exotic tropical garden courtyard setting.

• Beach Front Bar & Restaurant
• Telecommunication Services
• Swimming Pool
• Satellite TV channel
• Wide Parking area
• Laundry Service
• Postal Service
• Taxi Service
• Ticketing
• Gift Shop
• Pool table
• Tennis table
• Internet Access
• Medical Centre
• CCTV Camera facing lakey peak and huge screen in restaurant to watch while you eat
• 24hrs SECURITY huge gardens

LAKEY PEAK (left and right hander)
-Left hander is a long walling ride with a heavy barrel section
-Right hander is not as long but still as heavy.
-best from 4 to 6-7 feet. But a fun ride from 2 to 3 foot and great wave for surfers of all standards
-works on any tide (although righter hander too fast on low tide)
LAKEY PIPE - left hander (just to the left of Lakey Peak)
-This wave ducks and weaves towards a hollowing section
-Is rideable from 2 - 6 foot.
- Best up to 5 feet and at mid tide
NUNGAS - to the Right of Lakey Peak (a left hand point break)
- a long sectioning left hander
-best up to 6 feet and at mid tide
PERISCOPES - Right hander (1km from Nungas)
- When Periscopes is working there is no time for messing around as it is a fast and hollow wave, It is a quick take off and then pull in, if you are not quick enough you will get a straight hander..
- Best up to 5 foot on Mid to High-tides with a southern swell

From 9am till 12noon and then 1pm till 4pm - offshore conditions
There are still good waves to be had during March and also October, depending on the weather conditions ( beginning and end of the wet season).

There is internet and telecommunications access
Take some Mosquito Coils
Take a bed sheet or sleeping slip
Take a medical kit (there is a medical clinic at Aman Gati Hotel and also a hospital in Bima around 2.5hrs away)
If going by aeroplane only take 2 boards.. There is a SURFBOARD TAX payable at the airport so don't pack clothes or other belongings in your board bag put them in your luggage bag as you get charged around $1.00 per kilo.….We transfer you to the airport a bit earlier to ensure boards make it on the flight.