Sumbawa Surf Destinations

SUMBAWA – regional info

This island measures about 280 kilometers long from east to west and varies in width from 15 to 90 kilometers. Compared to Bali and Lombok, Sumbawa is relatively uncrowded being about three times the size of Bali with less than a fourth the population. The people of Sumbawa are mostly farmers and ranchers by trade. In times they prospered through the sale of fine horses and fragrant woods (sapan and sandalwood), but now they live a much rougher life than do their Lombok and Bali neighbours to the west. Sumbawa's distinctly Australasian climate, flora and fauna lend a thorny, dry and scrub-cutting edge to day-to-day life and survival.

Now Surfwise this area is pot of gold...a swell magnet with magnificent white sandy beaches and dreamy inlets that hold host to some of Indonesias best surf locations. There is a lot of coastline that is untouched and is "NATURALLY SPECTACULAR". Thanks to the pioneers of surfing in Indonesia and to those who persevered with the extremities of Sumbawa, we are glad to be able to give you the opportunity to taste a bit of it. WORLD SURFARIS offer SURFARIS in SCAR REEF and also LAKEY PEAK please click on panel for more information.