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LAKEY PEAK HAVEN – Surfers Homestead

BRAND NEW and COMFORTABLE  – an experience you have to try.   Lakey Peak now has something new.  Overlooking the whole bay, friends, couples, families, everyone can enjoy this amazing peice of the world. Tropical conditions, quality waves and just relax while the world goes by.

Located in the village of Hu’u, South East Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia, Accessible by daily flights from Denpasar, Bali. (Flying time: 1hr and 20 minutes )

Hu’u – LAKEY PEAK is renowned for some of the best waves in Indonesia.. With right hand pitching barrels, and a left hander that has many different shapes from Stand up Barrels to 200 metre long walls .. all depending on the swell direction and size. There is 5 World Class Waves on access here..

Lakey Peak Haven was designed for a more personal and private style accommodation. Built on 4000m2 block of land.. with only 8 rooms available, everyone that stays here gets to enjoy the space and open plan layout. This is your own private sanctuary / haven. Away from the tauts and motorbike rental hawkers on the beach. We have created our own little Haven which overlooks the whole area.. 180 degree ocean and surf views with amazing sunsets. Keeping the raw aspect of Sumbawa Island life and using all local materials from the hardwood shacks to the river stone pathways and walls to create the natural ambience. Beautiful tropical gardens colour the landscape and our inhouse vegetable patch and fruit trees complete the Haven. Sumbawa is like Bali was 40 years ago the local people are mainly Muslim, but with more and more transmigration from neighbouring islands like SUMBA and FLORES makes for a cultural experience. The mountainous backdrop we look straight out into the ocean and over to West Sumbawa.


The owners are Australian and Balinese and have been coming to Lakey Peak for the past 20 years and have finally committed to there life long dream. And now they want to share it with travellers and Surfers of the world to experience the area like it should be experienced the right way hassle free. Suitable for Families, Couples, friends, small groups, .. Facilities of the Haven are Swimming Pool, Restaurant serving Large Healthy portions of flavours all over the world and big screen television to watch DVDs and daily surf photos. Alcohol beverages such as Beer is available.. (spirits should be brought by guests) a great range of Juices and hot and cold beverages. Small Shop to purchase loads of yummy snacks as well as toiletries, some surf hardware as well as. Ding Repair shop next door. 6 mountain bikes for use of inhouse guests only. Games such as volley ball, badminton, basket ball and hoop, darts and a great range of DVDs. Inhouse Telescope to search the stars or check the surf before you head out. Happy Wall where guests are welcome to paint a mural or leave there messages.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: We have some SUP boards and Paddles for rental, as well as some longboards. We have limited supplies of snorkel ling equipment so good to bring your own. Fishing we can organize fishing trips. Although we suggest guests bring there own lures and equipment. Sightseeing we can organize trips to Hot Water springs, and also Japanese WWII relics.

EAT AT SHACKS – Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This is our inhouse restaurant serving food from Special Fried Rices, to Curries, to Pasta and Pizzas, Salads, hamburgers, Vegetarian, old favourites like jaffles and amazing seafood BBQs, prawn sates, special request like gluten free meals on request . We use all locally grown vegetables and fruits. So you better hope its Manggo season again. (meals range from $5Aud to 15Aud). Surfers gritts fresh and healthy. Chill out after a meal in the Surfers Corner on our beanbags and sofa, watch a DVD or read a book or surf mag.. or look over the photos of waves gone by and surfers old and new. Room rates include breakfast. We can arrange full board on request.





















In our HOMESTEAD HOUSE we have 5 ‘SURF SHACKS (all 2 stories) under the same roof – Rooms are huge 29m2 plus own outdoor veranda set up lounge chairs / bean bags. Rooms are serviced everyday. Room service available also. Bed Matress and sheets and towels are high quality all DOUBLE BEDS are KING SIZE.. . These are great for Families, couples, bunch of friends and small groups. Each SURF SHACK consists of 1 airconditioned room downstairs and 1 fancooled room upstairs. (Double or Twin available) with a 1 bathroom servicing both rooms. Each room has there own Television and Dvd Player and private Terrace. All rooms have SEAVIEW and SUNSET VIEWS and also overlook our swimming pool and grounds. The upstairs rooms are amazingly cool with the natural air flow and high roof.. fresh air make for a good night sleep.

INHOUSE SURF GUIDE: Dodi our local surf expertise will provide guests with forecarts and tide information every day so guests can coordinate there surf programme for the days ahead. Either shuttle or do it yourself trips.

INTERNET ACCESS: guests can purchase local sim cards which have local internet providers services available.. 3G. with 4G on the way.

Lakey Peak – Some describe it as the ‘The Machine’. An intense hollow right and lefhand peak, with the left generally being longer, , the right can fire on a proper swell direction. An A frame set up with guaranteed backdoor sections for those of you with the intent. The wave is best at 4 to 8 foot faces, any bigger it can get ugly amazing. It can be surfed on all tides, mid tide tide is optimum, lowtide hollows the barrels up. Can be enjoyed by all standards of surfers on the different swells. The reef is soft but has some sharp edges, Booties suggested.

Pipe – Serious barrel fest for those who thrive of left hand ripbowls. Only surfable on the mid to high tides. When Lakey Peak is out of control Lakey pipe can have the best stand up barrels in Indo. Only for good intermediate or experienced surfers.. Booties suggested.

Nunggas – Under 8 foot faces this wave breaks down several sections if they all connect the wave can be 200metres long. It can barrel like Gland or be as fun as Tland this wave is very under rated and that’s all I will say… Left handler .. some flat reef sections and deep holes in the reef. Booties suggested

Periscopes – the wave is like the name a periscope just hold on and enjoy the pit. Only surf it on a mid to high tide.. picks up a little less swell then Lakey Peak.. and needs a big swell to start opening up. Right hander amongst the lefts and it’s a quality one. Booties suggested

Cobblestones – Another Left and Right.. some people rave about the left hander with its sucky sections but watch out the the GREEDY ROCK.. pull off before it.. The right hander is a fun wave when 2 to 4 foot breaking in a magnificent aqua bay. Very picturesque.

Nanga Doros – Another left and right that picks up most of the swell even when its small.. A great option when Lakey Peak is looking flat (which it rarely does)

FLIGHTS: we use LION AIR which charge for all surfboards.. Rp200,000 for each surfboard for each way. The maximum size of surfboard is 7 foot 2 inches. We suggest no more then 2 surfboards in a soft boardbag.. we suggest you DON’T use COFFIN BAGS. Guests get an allowance of 10kg for luggage although if you bring surfboards they give you another estimated 15kg.

Maximum 8 surfboard bags on each plane.. at this stage there is 2 flights per day.. so if you have groups then we will have to put them on different flights.. If boards do not arrive with the guests lion air will ensure surfboards are delived to the hotel.

MOSQUITOS: Our location is elevated from flat lands and is dry. We have found the mosquitos to be only a few if any. We do not supply Mosquito nets in rooms, we do provide fly and mosquito spray. Consult your doctor if you are concerned.

FIRST AID: We have a first aid supplies on site although we suggest guests always bring a essential first aid kit with them. Anti inflammatory, Anti hystimenes, antiobiotics, tweezers, etc..

HOSPITAL: there is a local clinic 20 minute drive from Lakey peak. Or a hospital 60 minute drive from Lakey peak.

CURRENCY: there are no money changers in Lakey Peak. There is a mobile ATM machine that visits twice a week. There nearest ATM is in DOMPU 1 hour away. There is no credit card machine facilities in lakey peak

WATER: we use town water for showers and also hand basins.. fresh water not salt water. We use proper AQUA drinking water for all beverages and also for cooking and also we make our own ice out of proper drinking water.

ELECTRICITY: We have 13,500kwh of power and also back up Generators. From time to time we have electricity shortages or stopages in which we will use our Generators. We ask all guests to be sensible when using Electricity. If you go out turn airconditioners and lights off.

INSURANCE: We suggest all guests have there own Travel Insurance.

RESPECT: we thrive on respect. Respect for other surfers, Respect to other people, Respect the culture and enjoy the rewards


  1. Jeremy
    July 15, 2011


    I am just looking for a quote on a trip for three pax from the 10th-17th September. 3 pax happy to share a room with 3 beds. Also would require transport from Bali.

    Thank you in advance.


    • michael
      July 21, 2011

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for you message, if you can send an email to and i will reply to it asap

      kind regards

  2. Dylan Thomas
    January 7, 2013


    Can you please give me a quote for two and also maybe three people to share a room for the 12th – 18th Aug 2013 booking out on the 19th Aug.

    • michael
      January 8, 2013

      Hi Dylan,

      Thanks so much for your message.. i would love to give you a quote.. can you please send an email to and i will reply with all the info you will need for your SURFARI..

      Thanks Michael

  3. Jason
    October 27, 2013

    Hi, thinking of coming maybe in August , can you advise on what to expect wind wise.


    • michael
      November 18, 2013

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your email.. August hey little bit of wind middle of the day.. but still loads of waves.. etc.. send me an email to and i will be able to reply with prices and availability etc…

      thanks Michael

  4. kris
    January 8, 2014

    early april 10 days
    6 blokes
    price per person
    cheers kris

    • michael
      January 22, 2014

      Hi Kris,

      Thanks for your message.. drop me an email to and i will get back to you with all the details you and your mates need… cheers michael

  5. Leon
    February 16, 2014

    We are booked to go to lakey peak this year (with baliworld surfaris), what is the max length board we can take on the plane? I have a 7’2 board I’d like to take.

  6. Don Green
    June 10, 2014

    Leon, did you get a reply regarding board length? I read somewhere that there was a limit on the plane of around 6’6″ or similar. Can anyone confirm, or give me the actual length allowed?

    • michael
      June 20, 2014

      Hi Don, sorry its Michael not sure who Leon is.. we have no worries getting you and your surfboards to Lakey Peak.. let me know.. thanks michael

  7. Dale
    August 23, 2015

    Hey mate just want a quote for 5 nights flights transfers in March 2016?i have a young family so they will stay in Bali so it will be single stay thought you might have room in March as it’s just out of season, do you still get good waves thanks heaps Dale it will be after the 20th any dates pretty flexible

    • michael
      September 13, 2015

      HI Dale,, thanks for your message… March still good waves… can you send me a email and i will reply with prices etc.. thanks michael


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