Sumba Surfaris


Overall Surfari – super surf rewards for those that don’t mind living minimalistic…. Sumba is a hot and with no fans it can get pretty sweaty. It is so back to nature it is mind blowing… take a couple of good books or magazines.. Ipod with a fully charged battery as it will be nearly impossible to recharge it at the camp. (good for the first couple of days).. if guests make the effort to take snorkeling or fishing equipment it will pay off for them..with pristine waters and marine life in abundance… Maximum of 12 surfers in total can stay at the camp.
SUMBA is about 3 times larger then Bali with only 370,000 people inhibitants. It is a Island of its own with the people believing in there own religion which is Marapu, this is there own religion which intakes there ancestors and also gods which help in everyday life in looking over the land and the people. There is also a large number of Christians. The tradition and culture dates back thousands of years and still today it is everywhere you look to the traditional dress and there unique homes. Buffaloes and Horses also play a huge part in their culture and are also everywhere you look. The people are very friendly and inquisitive, Sumba has there own language and also speak Indonesian, some of the elders can only speak there own language. So communication is difficult. Hardly any one speaks English in the villages let alone the cities. Remember that you are a visitor

Transportation: Sumba is a step back in time and it is for the hard core adventurours.. The trip from the airport is 3.5hrs with the last 1.5hours of the trip is a slow bumpy road, we could call it off road adventure.. the road is there although with erosion and wet weather it is pretty bad in some sections. There are no Taxis in Sumba, and public transport are trucks… For our guests we use comfortable, airconditioned vehicles.

Accommodation: SUMBA SURFCAMP is 200metre walk to the beach. The rooms are very basic wooden huts with verandah. Mosquito nets are provided. Beds are small mattresses on the ground. Electricty is available from 6pm til 10pm. (no electricity sockets and just 1 light on the verandah)

Toilets: western toilets and fresh cold water showers

Restaurant: has 1 electricity socket, chairs and tables, and some surf magazines..

Meals: Lunch and dinner is varied in regards to which vegetables and meats….. (surfers food, not gourmet although takes great)
Breakfast – pancakes and fruit and coffee
Lunch – Rice, meat (chicken or fish), vegetable, noodles.
Dinner – Rice, meat (chicken or fish), vegetable, noodles and prawn crackers.

Shop – there is a shop at the front of the Surf camp that sells about everything, softdrinks, snacks, biscuits, toiletries, clothes, and more… There is no other shops around the village other than the Shop at the surfcamp.

SURF: Tarimbang (MILLERS RIGHT) is well known for its super long right hander, which breaks best at low tide.. it is a swell magnet so usually is never flat. The wave itself is challenging and is a fairly long paddle out. Surfers should be intermediate to experienced. If the wave height is under 5 foot those that are intermediate surfers will be at there peak although anything bigger it starts to get hardwork with surprise sets, strong currents and barreling sections. During the best months of March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October. (although there are waves all year around)

SURF SEASONS: During March to November is usually the best time of the year with the South Easterly winds…although strong winds can develop and sometimes last for a couple of days and then back off to literally nothing. The best time to surf is always early morning and also afternoon. The winds can turn on and off within minutes, so don’t be disheartened if you are surfing and the winds pick up as it might just be a quick squal and then back off again. During this time of the year it is rarely flat with open ocean swells and the ground swells kicking in, this place is rarely flat. There are another 3 left handers that can be surfed with the easiest on the otherside of the bay (beach break) the other 2 are way out on the south eastern corner. It is good to take a surfboard which is a little bigger than you usually ride as with the strong currents and heaps of swell, you don’t want to be under gunned, with the larger board easier paddle out to the surf and also through the currents and getting onto the waves. So if you ride a 6.4 in waves up to 6 foot, I would suggest you bring a 6’6”or bigger.

IN THE KNOW: Respect the local people, language barrier is a problem so be sure to smile when in contact with the local people. The standard of living for these people is very tough just like the conditions…these people work hard for there religion and to provide food for there family. It is a good Idea to take cigarettes or lollies as a icebreaker the locals will be delighted. Don’t be surprised if buffalos or horses hinder your walk to the surf as there is only 1 path and all sorts of wildlife seem to use it. Malaria – we suggest that people consult there doctor before travelling (malaria prevention medicine) and also make sure you take the precautions, light long sleeve shirts and pants are a good idea. Take a minimum of 2 surfboards as if one breaks there is no board repairers or board hire there. Take a ding repair kit.
FIRST AID KIT – there is a local clinic next door to the surfcamp, although we suggest you take your own kit. The location is a 3.5hour drive to the airport and the location is in the jungle. Always keep stocked up on water and fruit and snacks (you can pick up some basic supplies on arrival in Waingapu). Water and snacks are plentiful at the camp. There is no internet or telephone access at Tarimbang.

Return transfers in Bali (hotel to airport)
Return airfare Bali – Waingapu
Return transfers in Sumba (Airport to Surfcamp)
3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
2 large mineral waters and 1 large Beer bintang per day


Sumba Resort is in a stunning setting about 2km or 800metres as a bird flies from the beach, on a low hill, with a spectacular view of the ocean and its headlands further north. We are here in Lamboya district where traditions are still very vivid and which is the birthplace of the Tribal Marapu culture. If you walk to the beach it will take 30 – 40 minutes (These beaches are KEREWE and MAROSI and both have great surf… Kerewe is a soft wave but really long and Marosi can be rides of up to 150m or more with barrelly and wally and fat sections…) This coast line is filled with uncrowded (usually no one in the water) surf breaks which are best surfed from April till November. There are at least 15 known surfbreaks but it you are willing to explore there are loads more… Our drivers will take you there.. We include a car and driver everyday to take you surfing. Except on the day you take a boating expedition to some of the harder to get to breaks and try a bit of fishing.. Sumba Resort is a sanctuary in a land that has been unaffected by the material world. There are horses and buffalos everywhere and the Sumbanese still live like they did 100s of years ago. The religion is mixed between Christianity and the Sumbanese also have there own believes that usually involved animals and nature which is the MARAPU culture.

Villa (This is a huge house with massive lounge room) the kitchen is manned by staff so you can order and eat directly at the villa without having to go to the restaurant. The main restaurant and pool is a 7 minute walk from the villa. In the restaurant there is a fully stocked bar and bintangs are always cold.
• 3 air conditioned rooms with ensuites with hot and cold water
• a huge living room facing sea and cliff
• A kitchen with fridge and cooker

and Room Facilities: Bungalows are only a 3 minute walk to pool and restaurant. They are one off buildings.
Bungalow Superior: (garden view)
• Air Condition plus Ceiling fan
• In room safety box
• Hot & cold shower
• Mini bar
• Tea & coffee making facilities
Bungalow Deluxe: (ocean view)
• Air Condition plus Ceiling fan
• In room safety box
• Sofa
• King size bed with canopy ( mosquito curtain)
• Hot & cold shower
• Hair dryer, Slipper + bathrobe + face cloth
• Mini bar
• Tea & coffee making facilities

INCLUSIONS: return hotel to airport transfers in Bali and also Sumba (1.5hrs drive), return airfares Bali-Sumba, 7 nights Accommodation in airconditioned room, 3 meals a day, 2 bottles of mineral water per room everyday, Your personal Driver and Car to take you surfing everyday, 2 x half day boat trips to explore the point breaks within 1 hour boat trip also you can enjoy the amazing fishing in Sumba.. but be prepared there are some monsters.. (boat is an aluminum boat – Australian made)

Within the resort’s extensive landscaped grounds sits a swimming pool. Surrounding the pool is an extensive sandy-‘pooldeck’ with attractive Balinese-style umbrella, providing a secluded place to enjoy thesun and sea views.
Library at the Lobby
The library offers an extensive collection of books which bring to life the visual delights of the Indonesian archipelago and Sumba in particular.
Handicraft shop

Local villagers from neighboring traditional villages sell unique Sumbanese artifacts in the shop of the hotel.

ACCOMMODATION: Villa (This is a huge house with massive lounge room) the kitchen is manned by staff so you can order and eat directly at the villa without having to go to the restaurant. The main restaurant and pool is a 7 minute walk from the villa. In the restaurant there is a fully stocked bar and bintangs are always cold.
• 3 air conditioned rooms with ensuites with hot and cold water
• a huge living room facing sea and cliff
• A kitchen with fridge and cooker

• Reception lounge with art shop, book lending,Television with international channel, video DVD player, satelite phone
• Restaurant & bar
• Swimming pool with sun terrace and relax chair
• Tropical garden
• Laundry
SURFBOARDS: Max - 7 foot
(note there is a surfboard tax of Rp16,000 per kg which is charged both ways by airlines)
DEPARTURE TAX: is not included from Bali it is Rp40,000 and from Sumba it is Rp11,000 (as of 1st March 2011)FLIGHTS: Departing on Saturday and returning on Sunday
PRECAUTIONS: There is malaria in Sumba therefore we advise to take medical precautions

LANGUAGE: only staff in the hotel can speak English so we advise you to buy a small Indonesian phrase book in Bali before going.. you will enjoy it.
SURFING EQUIPMENT: all surfing equipment as there is no surfshops in the area,
READING: books or magazines to read as it is very peaceful and reading is good way to fill in the time.
MUSIC: Ipod so you can listen to music
FIRST AID KIT: as medical help is 1.5hrs away from the hotel or if you are on surfing trips it could be longer.
WATER : make sure you take plenty of water when going on surf trips you can purchase these at the hotel.
CASH: there is no atm machines except for the main cities (Waikabubak which is 1hr drive) it is better to take cash (RUPIAH)
COMMUNICATION: Handphones can be used in Sumba if you have a local number SIMPATI telkomsel is the correct one to purchase in Bali before you depart.
SNACKS: we suggest you take you own snacks like potato chips, chocolates, lollies, biscuits as shops are few and far between.
GIFTS: it is also a good idea to take cigarettes or sweets to give the locals as a nice gesture
CAMERA: as you will get to experience another world and what better way to remember it than by photos..ELECTRICITY: is on from 6pm till 7am so you can charge batteries etc during this time


An epic boat charter Sumba and surrounds aboard the Sri Noa Noa


Duration: Typically 16 days, 15 nights, 14 days surfing

Group Size: 4-6 (max of 5 recommended)

Departure: Start & End In Bali (includes Bali-Kupang and Sumba-Bali flights)

This is an epic charter covering some very remote surf spots in the eastern end of the archipelago. Starting in Kupang, you will spend a few days around Roti (see Timor Boat page for more details on the surf in this area) before heading westward to the beautiful islands Sawu and Raijua, which have classic surf on the right conditions.
From Raijua the here journey continues westward to Sumba. Starting at the southern most point you will explore the coastline, past Mengkudu & neighbouring islands all the way to the western most point before finally disembarking in Waikelo on the sheltered north-west part of the island.
This trip is not for the faint hearted as the surf can get big, there's a couple of overnight crossings of open waters and some of the anchorages along the coast of Sumba are fairly average. You are however guaranteed a unique surf adventure with plenty of good waves, both lefts and rights.
Your captain Heri and the Sri Noa Noa has been taking this route for many years. In fact, it was aboard the Sri Noa Noa in 1993 that big wave legend Mike Miller and friends named the right at Terimbang. But that's another story.....

Day 1:
Early hotel transfer (Kuta area) to airport for midday flight to Kupang, West Timor. Aiport pickup, transfer to Sri Noa Noa and depart for Roti, arriving early next morning.

Day 2+
Spend a few days surfing the breaks around Roti before heading west to Sawu, Raijua then Sumba. Surf the various breaks along the way, fish, visit local villages and explore small islands.

Day 15
After dinner, depart for Waikelo, arriving early next morning.

Day 16
After breakfast, transfer to Tambolaka airport for flight back to Bali, departing 11.30am, arriving 12.45pm. Pickup at airport & transfer to your hotel.

PRICES :  Please contact us for more information:

Shorter durations trips may be offered depending on schedule and availability.

Accommodation:All onboard accommodation and use of equipment
Meals & Drinks: All meals, drinks (water, juice, soft drink & 3 beers per person per day), fresh fruit and snacks aboard.
Transfers:All forward and return hotel-aiport-harbour-boat transfers from pickup at your Bali hotel (Kuta area) to drop off at the end of your trip.
Flights: Bali-Kupang (scheduled flight) and Sumba-Bali (chartered flight).