Sumba and Rote Is


The island of Rote, located near West-Timor, is home to an excellent wave called T-Land, a long left-hander with 2 to 4 sections, depending on the size of the swell.
It can best be described as fun when the swell is small, but when comes the powerful swells of the Indian Ocean and the wave reaches the double-to-triple overhead mark, it's a whole different story, so don't forget to bring a semi-gun to really enjoy surfing T-Land and taste it's big and long sections as well as it's deep barrels.
The winds are constantly offshore during the dry season, the skies cloudless and blue, the beach made of powdery white sand, and the sunsets among the most beautiful in Indonesia. Surfing Rote is a great experience because the perfection is the rule, the landscape beautiful and the Rotenese people always polite and welcoming.
Come to discover one of the jewels of Nusa Tenggara, and welcome to Rote!

The Island of Sumba is 400 kilometres east of Bali, the world famous tourist destination island, and directly south of Komodo and Flores islands.
By Indonesian standards, 11,150-square kilometers Sumba is relatively small, with a bent, irregularly oval shape. The dry, mountainous island stretches 210 kilometers along a northeast-southeast axis, and is 40-70 kilometers wide. Waikabubak and Waingapu are the Administrative Capitals of the island.
As our world develops, the traditions of the past are often discarded and forgotten. Unfortunately there are now only a few places left on earth where primitive tribal cultures are still intact and the traditional ways of living are still practiced.
Sumba is one of those special places where stone graves, traditional houses and the rituals of the animist religion have been well preserved. The funeral ceremonies still continue and huge blocks of stone are still cut and dragged by hundreds of men to the mortuary grounds.
Various numbers of livestock are still the only acceptable bride wealth of these villages and many still do not allow missionaries or native preachers to enter.