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Across the beach lies this property owned by local surfers, there is bungalow style accommodation with fan cooled rooms with private shower and toilet and verandah,  communal kitchen, Huge Gazebo to chill out. This is run by local surfers, they are all too willing to help you get the best waves on the day. They will give you the best options and locations to surf on each day, this is where the driver will be taking you.


Breakfast is included, for lunch and dinner you will be pointed to the best restaurants in town or you can cook yourself, while you are out surfing you can buy some fresh fish and cook it up on the BBQ if you want… it is up to you.  There is a communal fridge so you can stock up on whatever you like, beer, softdrink, water etc……  and keep it in the fridge….

SURFBREAKS:   PACITAN and surrounds


rivermouth / beach break      5 minutes from SURFHOUSE

Left hander this is a long left hander that is a great beginner and intermediate wave with a easy take off and a sloping wall to carve along.  1-4 foot is an easy wave  and it can break up to 10 foot and if the sand banks are in correct position this can be a 200metre + wave  Over 4foot for intermediate and experienced surfers…   (PERFECT longboarders wave)

HARBOUR- INTERMEDIATE beach break   5 minutes from SURFHOUSE

Right hander that breaks when there is a decent swell this breaks around a break wall a long righthander that has some nice wally sections and the occasional barrel


There is 3 coves here all with waves although there is one cove that has the best of the rest… there is a right hander that barrels and some steep wall sections and then the left hander that is a nice wally wave  both for intermediate surfers.

SURFPOINT-X Experienced- coral cove  1 hour from SURFHOUSE

Left hander that some call MINI TEHUPOO, this wave is for experience surfers only. The take off point can move around, and waves pop up out of nothing usually double sucking with a smaller wave in front that you paddle for and then the back wave merges with the wave you have paddled on creating an instant pull in barrel. This wave is HOLLOW and barrels all day long. 1 – 3 foot can be surfed by intermediate surfers. 4 foot + experienced only. 6+ pros only… breaks onto a life coral bottom very very shallow.

Right Hander this works on a swell with good direction. Although this is also a heavy wave, Take off pull in and barrel.  You can only surf this at high or just either side of the high tide…definitely doesn’t like a low tide.


APRIL – OCTOBER – best breaks   PANCER BEACH and SURFPOINT X (Left and Right)

OCTOBER till APRIL – best breaks  PANCER BEACH, HARBOUR, SURFPOINT Y, SURFPOINT X rights and more secret spots


Surfboard x 2 (5.10 or 6.0 fish, 6.3 to 6.6 for big days)

Sense of adventure


A 1ml long sleeve rashguard – there are some cold currents around here as well as good protection

Spare surfing equipment as no surf shops

Basic first aid kit


  1. Paul gillies
    September 25, 2012

    Looking at price for 1 (me) ex bali for 5days end of April .
    Either room or bungalow.

    • michael
      September 27, 2012

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your message.. can you please send an email to and i will get back to you with availability and prices..

      thanks Michael

  2. Daniel Ittner
    April 19, 2015

    Hi guys, me and my family want to visit Pacitan! We are 4 people (2little girls)! We want to stay 4 weeks from July 19th till August 15th. Can you give me room rates and tell me if accomodation is suitable for a family?
    Greetz Daniel

    • michael
      April 20, 2015

      HI Daniel,

      Thats great… will you be surfing?? thanks michael

      Please send me an email to and i will give you all the information.


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Pancer Surf House – East Java

  • East Java
  • Pacitan Surfari

EAST JAVA - 5 nights / 6 days

- Return hotel transfers in Bali and East Java
- Return airfares Bali and East Java
- Accommodation in Fan cooled rooms with ensuite toilet and shower and includes breakfast
- Surf Guide based at accommodation to set you up for surfing location for each day
- Driver and vehicle and petrol included each day to take you to where the surf is the best
BEST SEASON: OCTOBER TILL JUNE (so many breaks to choose from)
SURFER LEVELS: There are waves for basic intermediate surfers to Pro level surfers.
TYPES OF SURFERS: Longboarders to Shortboards will be satisfied with what is on offer.