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Owner operator, Neville Yeend will be your expert surf guide onboard. Originally from Esperance, WA and the former owner of Esperance Surf School, Nev has spent a lot of time surfing in Indo and his crew are experienced and fully accredited. The ‘Indo Cat’ is a well-equipped, modern boat and Nev operates 6 night South-East Lombok and South-West Sumbawa surf charters.

Indo Cat - Nusa Tenggara Charters start and finish at Awang Bay (Ekas).  With its long white sandy beaches and proximity to the new marina, Awang Bay is fast becoming a popular location, with the potential to become the Monaco of South-East Asia.

Start at Awang Bay surfing inside and outside Ekas… then steam over to explore the wonders of West Sumbawa. Surf the world class breaks of Scar Reef and Supersuck, the ultra consistent Yo Yo’s and the lesser known breaks such as Little Bingin (amongst others). Nev has spent a stack of time in West Sumbawa and knows where and when breaks will be pumping. The picturesque and tranquil bays of this region are stunning and worth snorkeling and beach combing, if you can drag yourself away from the amazing waves on offer. 


All rooms have air-conditioning and bathroom/shower/toilet

2 x twin bunk beds with private ensuite – sleeps 4
2 x double beds with private ensuite – can sleep 4

(Please note the double bed can be made into 2 twin beds… a middle mattress can be taken out and a curtain put up in between the beds. There would be a 1 foot gap between the beds to accommodate 2 men or kids.

WIFI is also available onboard



Constructed:  2013
Length:  14 Metres
Beam:  7.2 Metres
Width:  12.60 Metres
Materials:  Fibreglass
Draft:  2.4 Metres
Top Speed:  12 knots
Cruising speed:  10 knots
4 metre rigid inflatable boat with 15 hp YAMAHA outboard engine


Eka’s Bay: (approximately 1 hour drive from Kuta Lombok area) 2 breaks Eka’s (Left) outside works on a swell of 3-5 foot with a nice barrel.  Eka’s inside has a nice easy peak and also needs around 2 -3 foot to work.  It is a fun wave (good for beginners).

Scar Reef:  just south of the Jelinggah Beach headland, is a great left-hander and hollow wave that is best at lower tides. Either side of low tide will cause this wave to break further down the line towards the jutting headland. Higher tides bring the wave closer to the inside and cause it to section considerably. Scar reef picks up plenty of swell depending on direction, but it is particularly good-and waves are hollow and superb-on a big south swell.

Inside Scars or Little Bingin:  this wave is fun for all standards of surfers (except for beginners) it is a left and right hander that works best on mid and high tides. The right hander sometimes peters out but when it is over 3 feet it is a fast wally wave that also barrels. The left-hander is the pick with its barrel sections and heaps of wally faces to play on. It can be surfed from 2 foot to solid 6 feet. The bigger the swell the more intense the wave is. When Scar Reef is a solid 6 foot this will be 3 to 4 feet. Gets a bit shallow on low tide…  There is another right-hander on the western side of the bay called Phantoms, which needs a good swell and no wind. Also there are some other breaks down the coast before you get to Maluk.

Super Suck:  is the most famous and sought after wave on this rugged coast. When Super Suck is working, it is really working and will make your trip to Sumbawa more than worthwhile. Big walls of water break off a boil rock on the outside of the bay and suck up into a thick and heavy left that bowls and winds down the reef for a few hundred meters. The inside section of this reef gets really shallow.

Yo-Yo’s:  just south of Super Suck at Sekongkang Bay, is your best West Sumbawa bet when everything else is small. This beautiful bay offers two different spots. The best is about 400 meters from a towering cliff. It is a right, sometimes called The Hook, which gets really good and holds up to six feet of swell. This wave is fast and hollow and features shifting peaks. It breaks and is rideable on all tides except a dead-low one. The second wave here, located right up against the cliff is called The Wedge and can handle six to eight feet of swell before closing out. It consists of a shifty and mushy outside peak that winds into a fast and bowling inside section. April to October, trade winds can blow Yo-Yo’s out, so mornings are best.


SURFBOARD for a variation of wave types… it is good to bring a short board for smaller waves and a longer board for those waves overhead… There is no limit on how many boards you bring.
WAX as there is no wax available on the boat..
LEGROPE I suggest you bring at least 2/3 legropes incase one breaks and they are also useful for hanging wet clothes to dry. BOOTIES – 1 set, as there are some surfpoints that have very sharp reef bottom.
RASH GUARD – As the sun is usually always shining, so it is good protection from the sun.
SUN BLOCK – for sun protection
CLOTHES – this is up to you, you will need at least 1 long sleeve shirt and 1 pair of long pants as it does get cool of a night time.
TOILETRIES – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo etc
MEDICAL KIT – We advise all surfers to bring there own private Medical supply of antiseptic cream, bandages, medicine for upset stomachs, aspirin, and tweezers…
BOARD REPAIR KIT- if you are travelling with others, it is a good idea to bring a small board repair kit for quick repairs..
INTERNATIONAL ADAPTER PLUG – for charging handphone or video camera batteries if you are bring one FOOD SUPPLIES – All food is supplied, but if you enjoy eating chocolate or you have your own favourite snack, I suggest you bring this yourself as there are no shops in the water, you will be able to find some small stores in LOMBOK and SUMBAWA, when you visit the land. It is good to bring a good book or some headphones to relax when you are not surfing.


  1. David Ethridge
    April 15, 2012

    Dumb question: what is a PAX?
    What is the total cost on this boat for two weeks?
    6-8 guys.

    • michael
      April 26, 2012

      Hi David,

      thanks for your question… sorry mate it is a TRAVEL Term it means PASSENGERS… sorry for the confusion..

      cheers Michael

  2. Dylan
    November 18, 2013

    How much does it cost for 1-2 guys for 2 weeks

    • michael
      November 18, 2013

      HI Dylan,

      We are usually departing with private trips.. so you just need to get your mates together… please send me an email to and i will reply to your message with prices etc..

      kind regards

  3. Matt Curtis
    April 22, 2014

    Hey mates how much does it coast for 6nightas for 3 people?

    • michael
      May 8, 2014

      Hi Matt, thanks for your message.. send me an email to and i will reply with all the info and prices etc.. kind regards


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Private charters: 1- 8 people
Packages: 6 nights/7 days
Schedule: ask us for a schedule
Max: 8 people
TRIP: Ekas, loads of breaks south west of Ekas, Lombok, Supersucks, Scar reef, Yoyos to name the well known breaks.
Inclusions: Return airport / hotel transfers in Bali, Return domestic airfares, Bali–Lombok, return airport to Awang Bay transfers, all meals, 3 beers a day, drinking water.
Soft drink and extra beer can be purchased on board.