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Of the 17,000 islands that make up the archipelago of the Republic of Indonesia, Java has historically been considered the heartland. Where Java has led-culturally, economically and politically down through the centuries, other regions have followed. On Java, still the most densely populated island of Indonesia, there are five Provinces. West Java is the largest, with the greatest population, and, some would claim, with the most pride.
West Java Province is located at part of western Java Island. The enchanting of Sunda land stretches from Sunda Strait in the west to the borders of Central Java in the east. The locals’ people know West Java Province as the Land of Sunda. The region is primarily mountainous, with rich green valleys hugging lofty volcanic peaks, many of which surround the capital of West Java.

The history of West Java is a story of trade, spices, and the rise and fall of powerful kingdoms. In the late 1500′s the region was ruled from mighty Cirebon, which still survives as a sultanate today, although a shadow of its former glory. West Java was of the first contact points in Indonesia for Indian traders and their cultural influences, and it was here that the Dutch and British first set foot in the archipelago.

This province has its own unique culture and language, both called Sundanese that is also used to call its people. The ancient kingdoms of Tarumanegara, Pajajaran, Banten and Cirebon would make interesting studies for the student of archaeology. Cirebon is located on the border between West and Central Java, having a mixed culture originating from the ancient Cirebon and Banten kingdoms, resulting in similar customs and dialects of the two people, although Banten is located at the extreme western part of the province.


The Pelabuhan Ratu Bay faces the Indian Ocean with a southwesterly aspect and is approx. 45 km wide and 60 km long.
The dry season is the main surfing season and is approximately from March through to November (breaking over 300 days per year) with a temperature range of 25 to 37° Celsius. The wet season is from November through to March and there are still waves to be had.
The typical swell direction is southerly, with large and good waves to be had all around the bay catering for all surfing levels There are waves here that are some of the best in Indonesia, and like any place else it’s just timing.


The Wild West –

The AJI Resort lies on the ruggedly beautiful and sparsely populated South coast of West Java, only 4 hours drive from Jakarta’s International airport. Transfer to and from the resort is arranged by us. The setting is idyllic, on a long private beach bounded by cliffs and the Indian Ocean, set in paddy fields and coconut trees. The lush foothills of the volcano Gunung Halimun, the largest National Park in West Java, form the backdrop to the North. The sunsets are spectacular. Eighteen comfortable and modern Javanese style bungalows, self catering and fully serviced, a bar, restaurant, pool plus kid’s pool are set in 1.5 hectares of tropical gardens. As well as Garden View Resort rooms. So perfect for small families or groups or couples and or a couple of friends..  There is a surf break within walking distance of the hotel..  Although we provide a surfguide and car everyday to get you to the best breaks around.. like Cimaja just 20 minute drive.



CIMAJA – It is a right with a reef and rock bottom. Cimaja is a fun wave from 4 – 5 ft, and produces great barrels when at 7 ft. Wave heights above this to 10 – 12+ft, make the conditions fast and steep, narrow gun boards work well in these swells.








INDICATOR POINT - It has a shallow coral bottom, which works well with heavy swell (7 ft. +) and a high tide. It’s a long wall with a constant tube that shuts down after a 150 – 200 m down the line drive. If you want a speedy workable wave you’ll find it here when the conditions are right.

KARANG PAPAK - This is a fun wave, which is good when Cimaja and Indicators are crowded or closing out.

KARANG HAWU (Sunset Beach) – Right in front of Any’s Taverne, this is a beach break and offers rights and lefts, but the lefts tend to be better. Good for beginners and it has a surf school.

KARANG CIBANG HAJI - An everchanging sandbottom righthander off a groyne with a smaller left on the inside of the groyne. Rarely surfed and can park your car near the boat harbour so be daring and check it out!

KARANG AJI - It is a clean wave, which wraps around a large rock, then goes between two large rocks about 60+ m apart, this wave can give fun rides up to 100 m.

CIKEMBANG – A righthand point on a postcard perfect beach that is the place to go when everwhere else is out of control. Great longboard wave

SAWARNA and more secret spots – Left hander

When Cimaja is small then it is time to check out Sawarna.. this place is a swell magnet.. on the right swell this wave will run and curve and stand up and throw for up to 300metres..




LOJI’s – the gem

This break is sort after for by every surfer that hits the west coast of Java.. When Cimaja is out of control it is time to head to Lojis.. this wave just runs and runs and runs.. if you like long lefts you will also be waiting in anticipation..

TURTLES Surfers camp: Reopened 2013 with new rooms
This camp is the CLOSEST to the famous Turtles surf at Ujung Genteng on the south coast of west Java. Only 200 metres walk..This reef break catches Indian Ocean swells from May to October. . Three separate buildings house twin, double, and dormitory/family rooms (AC or fan), kitchen, resto, and bar; amid serene, cool and shaded gardens. It is surrounded by paddy fields and an easterly breeze keeps the climate pleasant throughout the season. Other surf breaks like Ombak Tujuh, are within motorbike access, and the white sand beach extending north from the reef is as spectacular as any beach in the world. Gigantic sea turtles nest nightly on this same beach; the area is a designated National Park. The wave Turtles picks up a large amount of swell. However, on the small days snorkeling, swimming and fishing all along the coast are a great diversion; and the pristine area can be explored on motorbike.







Currently there are 12 rooms available with 10 airconditioning and 2 fan cooled rooms. (first in best dressed). Double and single beds. For groups of 4 we have family rooms with 4 single beds.

‘Turtles’ is the main wave and it’s the most commonly surfed in the area as it does not need much swell to be surfable. Turtles is a 15 minute walk from our accommodation and is a punchy barrelling left hander that can be surfed at all tides.

Ombak Tujuh is located 30 to 40 minutes by motor bike ride up the coast or a one hour local boat ride. It is located in Cibabi national park. Ombak Tujuh picks up almost as much swell as anywhere in Indonesia and really starts to do its thing once it hits 6 ft and regularly gets a lot bigger than this.There are a couple of other waves around the bay of Ombak Tujuh for those with a keen sense of adventure. For those that have a thirst for adventure there are a number of other waves that can be found around Ujung Genteng. These waves can produce high quality waves yet are seldom surfed.

JAVA SURFARI 1:   AJI RESORT and Turtles surf camp
Includes: 11 nights/12 days duration, all breakfasts, accommodation 7 nights at Pelabuhan Ratu near karang Haji surfpoint and 4 nights at Ujung Gentang near turtles surfpoint), Fully Guided private surf trips around the pelabuhan ratu area on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 (surfguide, driver, car). Personal transfers to and from Jakarta Airport (4hrs) (day 1 and day 12) and also Pelabuhan Ratu to Ujung Genteng (2.5 hours). (Day 6 and day 10) 5 nights at Pelabuhan ratu and then 4 nights at Ujung Gentang and then 2 nights at Pelabuhan ratu. Accommodation: due to limited accommodation we will try ensure guests get an airconditioned room although this is not guaranteed.
PLEASE NOTE: we also provide airfares from Bali to Jakarta and transfers from there hotel etc.. as some guests can get direct flights to Jakarta from there origin we have not included these in the package if guests require them please let us know and we will inform you of the extra price.

Includes: 7 nights/8days duration, all breakfasts, accommodation (7 nights at Pelabuhan Ratu near karang Haji surfpoint) Fully Guided Private surf trips around Pelabuhan ratu on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (driver, car, surfguide) Personal transfers to and from Jakarta Airport (4hrs) Accommodation: PLEASE NOTE: we also provide airfares from Bali to Jakarta and transfers from there hotel etc.. as some guests can get direct flights to Jakarta from there origin we have not included these in the package if guests require them please let us know and we will inform you of the extra price.

Includes: 7 nights/8 days duration, all breakfast, accommodation 7 nights at Ujung Gentang near turtles surfpoint), Personal transfers to and from Jakarta Airport (6hrs) Accommodation: due to limited accommodation we will try ensure guests get an airconditioned room although this is not guaranteed.
PLEASE NOTE: we also provide airfares from Bali to Jakarta and transfers from there hotel etc.. as some guests can get direct flights to Jakarta from there origin we have not included these in the package if guests require them please let us know and we will inform you of the extra price.


Includes: 5 nights at Cimaja, Surf camp accommodation, fan cooled some rooms have own toilet and shower, others just have share toilet.. SHORT WALK to Cimaja Surf Point.

SURF CAMP: provides – Drinking water, tea and coffee are included. There’s wifi throughout and there is now a new desktop computer available for guests. There is also a safe in the staff room if guests want to lock up their passports. etc. All rooms can be locked from the outside.  Full kitchen for use of guests you can purchase bread and eggs and noodles or fish etc.. and cook yourself.














Includes: Return airport transfers, Accommodation 6 nights at Sawarna, Fan cooled rooms.. includes 3 big meals per day.. help yourself. Cold water shower and Indo style toilet (squatter).  Only 20 minute walk to one of the best left handers in West Java.











JAVA SURFARI 6: CIMAJA Tranquil setting

INCLUDES: Airport and Hotel return transfers (Jakarta), Accommdation in Fan cooled or Airconditioned Bungalow in the middle of rice paddies.. only 300metres to CIMAJA SURF POINT.  Hotel facilities – Tasty Restaurant cafe with Pizza Oven, Pool table, surf shop, business centre with computers and wifi, Small theatre room with big screen Television.. great service with a real reality check for those that love nature and surfing.



Are there mosquito nets?
The rooms have been made mosquito proof. However, those who would still like to take more precaution, mo

squito nets are avail

able free of charge. Is there malaria in Ujung Genteng?
Malaria no longer exists in this part of Java
Where is the nearest ATM?
The nearest ATM is in the city of Pelabuhan Ratu. This is about 3 hours drive from Ujung Genteng. We do recommend that you bring enough cash to last your stay. Otherwise motorbike transportation can be easily and cheaply organised for those who need to make a trip to Pelabuhan Ratu for a day to get more cash.
Where is the nearest Western Union?
The nearest Western Union is in the City of Surade which is a 30 minute motorbike ride Western Union is operational in major post offices in large towns throughout Indonesia.
Are my belongings safe in the room?
We have installed a safe where guests can store their valuables. Each guest will receive a receipt with a list of their belongings in order to avoid misunderstandings. Where is the nearest fax and internet?
The nearest fax and internet connection is in Surade. Surade is about 20 to 30 minutes drive. We are presently installing free wifi internet
How do I get around to different surf spots around Ujung Genteng?
Motorbike taxis (ojeks) and motorbikes are available for surfers to hire. The cost for each trip varies on where you are going and your bartering skills. If you feel that you need help in setting up trips to different surf spots or anywhere else just ask our staff for help and they will point you in the right direction, as well as give you the ball park of how much the trip should cost you. Nevertheless, your are in Indonesia so dont forget to barter.

The waters around turtle beach and ombak tujuh are pristine and clear and inhabited by many marine creatures. Sightings have varied from octopuses, to turtles, travelling to Spanish mackerels and the odd elusive dugong.
Spear Fishing
On small swell days spear fishing is a great alternative. Ombak Tujuh and Turtles are a haven for fish of all sizes.
Boat Trips
For those that have a thirst for adventure there are a number of other waves that can be found around Ujung Genteng. These waves can produce high quality waves yet are seldom surfed.
There are several coastal inland hikes, treks, and walks in the area. Taking 1 hour to all day depending on your time mood and energy. our staff will give you details.
Nearly every night the beach in front of our losmon is transformed into laying ground for gigantic sea turtles. These majestic creatures make their way up the beach to dig a nest, where by they lay 150-250 eggs. The rangers office located about 500 metres from us offers you the opportunity to be a part of this unique experience.

Is a 1 hour bike ride from your accommodation at Ujung Genteng. This DEEP water left hander is known to hold almost any size swell delivered. It is a heavy wave when it is big with steep take offs and big walls. Tide is better at low when small and high when it is big (over 8 to 10 foot).
only a 15 minute walk from your accommodation. This barreling left hander can get insane, best at low tide but gets shallow… longest barrels up here.. works from 2 to solid 6 foot and depending on the swell and winds can hold bigger. Also you will get a wave out the front of MAMAs losmen a left hander that can deliver some magnificent waves but with the wrong winds can be a mess… worth checking out.
Southeast trade-winds during late April to October with bigger swells peaking from June to August. November through early April is wet season, with northwest trades. But West Java provides good waves all year around… Pelabuhan Ratu is the better option during December to February with Ujung Genteng needing those days where the winds drop off to score, but still plenty of them.



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      Hi Chris,

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    hi, im intrested in joining a surfweek from thursday or friday

    on. are there still availibilities and how much would it be with a pick up from jakarta? I’m not a beginner, but not a good intermediate surfer yet.
    looking forward to hear from you,

  3. Jason Mathwin
    October 27, 2013

    Hi there,

    Can you please give me an indicative price for java surfari 1. For October 2014 for 4 male surfers. Individual room rate and twin share rate please so we can compare.

    We would arrange our flights from Melbourne ourself.

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      Hi Jason,

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    im rici from cimaja im surfer cimaja lolkal all wesy my name mr . barell

    • michael
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      Hi Richi, lucky man… hope you are getting plenty of Barrels.. Nice wave cimaja.. keen to get indicators.. say hi to Dede and Gerry hope Dedes’ Surf shop is keeping everyone supplied there.. thanks for your message.. Michael

  5. alberto
    December 27, 2013

    i would like if there are some surf shops for buying a second hand board in good condition or not?

  6. Craig McEwan
    August 5, 2014

    Looking for your package pricing for west java 2 surfers ,days are flexible April ,may next year we will get our own way to Jakarta and our accommodation and get you to pick us up at our hotel Thanks

  7. Luke
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    I would like to enquire Re your overnight rate for accom and your rate in Aud or ID Indonesian Rupea for 5 days.
    I will organise my own accom from java Airport to your accom.

    • michael
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      Hi Luke,

      Thanks for your message.. although it doesn’t say where you are wanting to go in West Java..

      please clarify


  8. Luke
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    Hi Guys,
    Im an Aussie surfer frm Sydney id like to price your Accom rate for Java Surfari 6 staying at Cimaja.Dates would be frm 27.10.14 to 3.10.14…Im comeing from Bali.
    What is your room rate overnight.
    Cheers Luke

  9. Luke
    October 17, 2014

    Hi Michael,
    Im wanting to surf Cimaja and surrounding breaks re Indicators and Karang Aji,Turtles ect for around x7 days Just wanted to get a price on Accom and find out if you hire motorbikes..?
    I will get a flight frm Bali..

    January 15, 2017

    Hi ya,
    Can you give me prices for pick up and return transfers from Jakarta to surf south West Java
    2 people and surfboards
    11/02/17–24/02/17 stay 12-13 days accomodation

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      No worries. Send me an email to and i will reply with all our info on west java. Thanks michael


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WEST JAVA – Cimaja, Sawarna and Turtles

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We have got WEST JAVA covered with 6 different packages that will suite everyone..
Packages: from 5 nights to 11 nights
Inclusions: As per packages
Suitability: for singles, couples, families, small groups
Waves: Cimaja, Indicators, Karang Papak, Karang Hawu, Karang Aji, Cikembang, Lojis, Ombok Tujuh, Turtles, Mamas
Best Season: Breaks all year around but best is March till November