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East Indo Adventure:
Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa

NAME: PAUS (Indonesian) WHALE (English)
Captain: Wayan Mantra (with over 30 years experience sailing in Indonesia)
Length – 18 metres
Width – 4 metres
Engine Diesel 170 hp (inboard)
Navigational equipment: Radio, compass, Radar echo sounder
Safety equipment
8 Bunk beds (maximum 8 people)
Fresh water (shower)
Electric power 220 volt AC and 24 volt DC
Fishing gear and snorkeling gear
Television, DVD player, radio, tape stereo Fully equipped kitchen, stove, Freezer and refrigerator
Tender – fiberglass boat with 15hp outboard motor
SAFETY GEAR: life jackets, Ring Bouy, life boat, first aid kit, IPIRB, VHF Marine Radio, Navagational system, Fire Extinguisher

Hotel to harbour transfers, All meals - Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner (and snacks also), Drinks: Mineral water and softdrinks unlimited as well as tea and coffee. BINTANG BEER is provided 3 cans per person per day, if you would like more you can purchase them on the boat
EACH DAY you average 2 surfs in some of the best locations in Indonesia, sometimes more…
Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa
Nusa Lembongan: Shipwrecks, Lacerations, Cinegans, Playgrounds
Lombok: Desert point, Grupuk, Air guling, Mawi, Eka's, Belongas
Sumbawa: Supersucks, Yoyo's, Scar reef

Guests are picked up from there hotel on the day of departure by our guide, transferred to Sanur to board the boat. Once loaded up Paus will then depart for Nusa Lembongan, which is your first destination, You will surf at any of the numerous breaks there. The following morning around 4am you will then set sail to Lombok Desert Point and south lombok breaks, working your way over to Sumbawa Scar reef by day 3 or 4 depending on surf conditions (if desert point or Ekas is excellent crew and guests might decide to stay an extra night) on the last night of your trip you will hit the harbour of Nusa Lembongan again and after a surf the next morning you will head back to Bali arriving around 11am in Sanur. Where we will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel. Boats have a maximum of 6 surfers.

SURFBOARD for a variation of wave types… it is good to bring a short board for smaller waves and a longer board for those waves overhead… There is no limit on how many boards you bring.
WAX as there is no wax available on the boat..
LEGROPE I suggest you bring at least 2/3 legropes incase one breaks and they are also useful for hanging wet clothes to dry. BOOTIES – 1 set, as there are some surfpoints that have very sharp reef bottom.
RASH GUARD – As the sun is usually always shining, so it is good protection from the sun.
SUN BLOCK – for sun protection
CLOTHES – this is up to you, you will need at least 1 long sleeve shirt and 1 pair of long pants as it does get cool of a night time.
TOILETRIES – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo etc
MEDICAL KIT – We advise all surfers to bring there own private Medical supply of antiseptic cream, bandages, medicine for upset stomachs, aspirin, and tweezers…
BOARD REPAIR KIT- if you are travelling with others, it is a good idea to bring a small board repair kit for quick repairs..
INTERNATIONAL ADAPTER PLUG – for charging handphone or video camera batteries if you are bring one FOOD SUPPLIES – All food is supplied, but if you enjoy eating chocolate or you have your own favourite snack, I suggest you bring this yourself as there are no shops in the water, you will be able to find some small stores in LOMBOK and SUMBAWA, when you visit the land. It is good to bring a good book or some headphones to relax when you are not surfing.

MOGGY CATAMARAN - Surfing and Diving specialists

East Indo Adventure: Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa

Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, and West Sumbawa Surf Charters, 1 -14 day trips, you choose. The MOGGY is a 46ft long X 23ft wide high-powered sailing catamaran, fast and stable. The 23ft beam means less rock and roll and less sea-sickness. Our goal, on a surf charter, is to put you in the water with the best waves, the least number of people, and with a positive attitude which encourages you to do your best.
We do private charters, your group only. Our surf charters operate with a minimum of 1 passengers and a maximum of 8 passengers. Accommodations are 3 X double cabins, two of which are convertible to two singles each, and 2 x single cabins. There are 11 large and comfortable cushions for sleeping under the stars or sleeping o- lounging under a large covered deck Many times we have gone with only 2 private passengers.
The food is second to none and in quantity to fill any hungry surfer. With a large capacity freezer and refrigerator, you can expect choice meats and assorted seafoods, crisp salads, a huge selection of vegetables, desserts, snacks, fruits, chocolates and candies, bottled water, sodas, 100% fruit juices, much more, and free beer too.
A full array of modern navigation electronics, communication, and safety equipment means we can keep moving day or night. Shimano state-of-the-art sport-fishing rods and reels and US Divers snorkeling equipment is also aboard for your enjoyment. Fresh water showers inside and out. A fully equipped entertainment system is on-board including a TV, radio, cassette deck CD, VCD, and DVD with over 500 current and classic movies and concerts.
With large capacity fuel and water storage tanks we are also capable of doing Timor-to-Bali and Sumba-to-Bali charters early season (before mid-May) and late season (after mid-October) for those with a taste for adventure. Our extremely fast dinghy insures you of getting your best and deepest home videos and still shots. Your captain has over 40 years of surfing experience, 20 years at Sunset Beach, Hawaii and 14 years on Bali. Experience makes the difference.
Escape the northern hemisphere winter!
Moggy operates 12 months of the year and we have some excellent regular-foot spots to go to during the months of November - April. For more information email Captain Don
Our reputation
Best Boat, Best Food & Best Service since 1993.
The Moggy is a 46ft high-powered sailing catamaran, fast and stable. We have been operating from Bali since 1993. Should it be Full-Day, Half-Day, Sunset or Extended sails, Fishing, Diving, Surfing, seeing the Komodo Dragons, or just a Day Of Fun, we are the one.The MOGGY is a 46ft high-powered sailing catamaran, fast and stable, which is under current survey for 12 passengers day charters and 8 passengers on over-night or extended charters. We have been operating private charters, your group only, out of Benoa Harbour, Bali since 1993. Our reputation: Best Boat, Best Food, and Best Service. Whether it be a sunset cruise or an extended charter to the Komodo Islands, our programs are as diversified as the waters of Indonesia
DURATION: 4 1/2 hours
Start at 9:00am - 1:30pm or 1:30pm - 6:00pm.
Inclusions :
* food, beverages, snacks, fruits, ice-cold beer, and much more.
* Snorkeling Gear
* All Fishing Equipment
Perfect for: Sunset Dinners or Snorkelling surfing and lunch
1-2 pax - PRICE: US$600
3-4 pax - PRICE: US$700
Each extra pax after the first 4 is US$65/extra pax
Our capacity is 12 on half-day charters. Sorry, no scuba diving on half day charters.

DURATION: 9 hours
Start at 9:00am and return at 6:00pm.
Inclusions :
* our famous family style, all you can eat, B.B.Q. lunch consisting of choice meats and seafood, crisp salads, vege. saute', baked potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread, fruits, desserts, ice-cold beer, and much more.
* Snorkeling Gear
* All Fishing Equipment
* Scuba diving is available with a professional dive instructor - guide, at optional cost depending on your certification, location of dives, and the number of dives.
Nusa Lembongan/Nusa Penida - you can take your friends or family surfing/snorkelling on a fantastic day on the seas.
1-2 pax - PRICE: US$650
3-4 pax - PRICE: US$750
Each extra pax after the first 4 is US$70/extra pax
Our capacity is 12 pax on full day charters. For scuba diving, US$60 for beginners. Others programs quoted on request, based on divers certification, location of dive, and number of dives. Instructor-guide and all equipment included. Maximum - 2 dives on full day charters.
Nusa Lembongan - Start at 9:00am on the first day and return at 6:00pm on the next day.
1-2 pax - PRICE: US$1,150
3-4 pax - PRICE: US$1,350
Each extra pax after the first 4 pax is US$175/extra pax (This price is for the 2 days)
Our capacity is 8 pax on over-night charters. For scuba diving, US$60 for beginners. Other dive programs quoted on request, based on divers certification, location of dive, and number of dives. Instructor-guide and all equipment included. Maximum of 5 dives on 2 days-1 night charters.

CREATE your own CHARTER, surfing and Island hopping for as long as you want.
nclusions :
* our famous family style, all you can eat, B.B.Q. lunch consisting of choice meats and seafoods, crisp salads, vege. saute', baked potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread, fruits, desserts, sodas, ice-cold beer, and much more
* Snorkeling Gear
* All Fishing Equipment
* Scuba diving is available, with a professional dive instructor - guide, at optional cost depending on your certification, location of dives and number of dives.
Extended charters start at 9:00am on the first day and return at 6:00pm on the last day.
1-2 pax - PRICE: US$650
3-4 pax - PRICE: US$800
Each extra pax after the first 4 is US$150/day/extra pax
Our capacity is 8 pax on extended charters.
We require a 3 day minimum to do the Bali-Lombok round trip, a 5-7 day program might be preferred for a more leisurely trip or if they want to do a lot of scuba diving. For Bali-Lombok-Southwest Sumbawa surf charters,round trip, we suggest 8 days or more. Komodo charters are a minimum of 7 days one-way with fly-back, at clients expense, from Lapan Bajo, 10 days if they wish to go round-trip, and !4 days R/T if there is a lot of scuba diving involved. There is a US$750/day re-location charge to re-position the boat to another location empty. 2 X 24 hour days, non-stop, to return the boat empty from Lapan Bajo. Scuba diving is available at optional cost, US$35 - $60, depending upon the divers certification, location of the dives, and number of dives. Technical dives slightly higher. Beginner to expert, mixed gases, re-breather, no problem. Instructor-guide and all equipment is included.


Indo Odyssey - with Banksy and Julien
is a unique journey throughout the most remote and consistent surf spots of Indonesia. It consists of a series of 17 trips of 11 days each, each trip covering a specific wave rich area of Indonesia.
The South West coast of Indonesia is a 4000km stretch of reefs, beaches, points, river mouths and islands that receive some of the most consistent swells of the planet. There are still a lot of high quality waves that are going unsurfed. Probably right now, as you’re reading this, there are perfect empty barrels going unridden somewhere in Indonesia.
In 2010, during our initial 7 month expedition journey, we've been finding waves all over the place. It's been an incredible experience, and in places the amount of undiscovered waves that we found was far beyond what we had hoped for.
We will take you to the most remote locations, and give you the opportunity to experience these magic places where you'll have the privilege to surf some of the most perfect waves of the planet with very few people and at times completely by yourself. Each leg of the Indo Odyssey has been carefully choosen to offer you a variety of high quality waves for a surf trip you'll never forget.

has amazingly density of high quality reefs. The percentage of quality surfable reef here is higher than the Mentawais. Almost every bend in the reef and every corner of an island has a wave. There are three reasonably well known waves: Nembrala, Boa and Sucky Mama’s. In 2010 we discovered many other waves: a fast peeling left that was like a soft version Grajagan's Speedys reef that produced 50 yard barrels, a incredible 400 meter long right hander, a very fast and hollow right, a bombie style left, two more long Nembrala lefts, another world class right, numerous fun beachbreak style peaks and two left points, one that we moored at for a couple of weeks and scored daily perfection all to ourselves. We also sailed past three perfect right hand points in a very isolated area that due to the small swell only showed micro peelers as we sailed past but certainly looked like they would produce perfection on their day. Of all these, only three breaks were accessible by land.
Surf Trips in Rote (2011):
-Early Season Trip: Sumba & Rote ~ March 27- Apr 7 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 1: Rote Area ~ Apr 10- Apr 22 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 2: Rote, Sawu & Raijua ~ Apr 25- May 6 ~ A$2,795 pp

A wild and remote island, Sumba's pristine extensive coastline is largely unexplored and unknown to most surfers. Sumba featured heavily in the Rob Machado film, Drifter and Nihiwatu, often referred to as Occy's left, is to most surfers, the only known break there. During our 2010 Odyssey we came across 24 other breaks that varied from fun peaks to world class peelers from shoulder high to triple overhead. A major challenge of surfing in Sumba is the lack of roads and access to the coast, so skirting the coastline in a boat is really the most ideal method of tapping into the massive amount of surf that her southern coastline produces.
Surf Trips in Sumba (2011):
-Early Season Trip: Sumba & Rote ~ March 27- Apr 7 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 3: Sumba Island ~ May 9- May 20 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 4: Sumba Island ~ May 23- June 3 ~ A$2,795 pp

Sumbawa’s extensive coastline is jam packed with waves. There really is a phenomenal amount of waves alongs it’s massive southern coast. The world class waves of her west coast and Lakey peak areas are well known these days. We had great waves in these areas in 2010 but we also discovered so many other waves outside these areas. We really had an unbelievable amount of high quality waves here and yet still only scraped the tip of the iceberg of the massive potential of this island. I’m really looking forward to going back.
Surf Trips in Sumbawa (2011):
-Early Season Trip: : Lombok & Sumbawa ~ March 12- March 23 ~ A$2,295 pp
-Stage 5: Sumbawa ~ June 5- June 16 ~ A$2,795 pp

West Java
West Java has some of the best waves in the world. Incredibly long, hollow and fast peeling points and reefs that pick up a lot of swell. One of my favourite waves of the 2010 Odyssey, an incredible swell magnet that peels away in a pristine isolated bay was in this area. It’s pretty much impossible to pass through here and not get extremely good waves. We had numerous guests of the 2010 Odyssey claim that they caught the best wave/tuberide of their life in this area.
Surf Trips in West Java (2011):
-Stage 6: West Java ~ July 4- July 15 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Late Season Trip: Sth Sumatra & West Java~ Nov 8- Nov 19~ A$2,295 pp

Sumatra is still a vast frontier of unexplored surf. Much of its coastline is inaccessible by road, extensive jungled covered mountain ranges run the length of the island and tigers still prowl the jungles and harass local villages. There are miles and miles of coastline that are still unexplored and some of the best surf in the world peels away in Sumatra. The world class waves of the Mentawais, Nias and Krui areas are well known these days while the Telos and many other areas are still largely unknown and untapped. We had phenomenal waves in this area in 2010.
Surf Trips in Sumatra (2011):
-Stage 7: Panaitan & South Sumatra ~ July 18- July 29 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 8: Enganno & South Mentawai ~ Aug 1- Aug 12 ~ A$2,795
-Stage 9: Mentawai ~ Aug 15- Aug 26 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 10: Mentawai ~ Aug 29- Sept 9 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 11: Telo Area ~ Sept 12- Sept 23 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 12: Telo Area ~ Sept 26- Oct 7 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Stage 13: Telo & Mentawai~ Oct 10- Oct 21 ~ A$2,795 pp
-Late Season Trip: Sth Mentawai & ~ Oct 24- Nov 5~ A$2,295 pp
-Late Season Trip: Sth Sumatra & West Java~ Nov 8- Nov 19~ A$2,295 pp

"Lambo" THE BOAT is probably the nicest charter boat we've ever been on. The large covered deck area is super comfortable and spacious while the roomy and airy cabins stay cool even on the hottest of days. The abundance of beautifully finished natural timbers give the boat a warm, natural ambience.
Specifically built for cruising Indo waters, the Lambo is a very capable, traditional built 74' Phinisi boat. Pretty much brand new, her really well thought out design was completed in 2009 by one of the best shipyards in Sulawesi. Powered by a 190hp engine the Lambo will get us where we want to be easily when there’s not sufficient breezes to fill her sails.
She is fully equipped with 8 berths in three very comfortable, roomy, and well ventilated cabins.
The 14' dinghy is equiped with a 40HP Yamaha engine.
We are really happy about having the Lambo available for the expedition as she is playing a big part in making the journey enjoyable and memorable. A common comment we get from the guests when we are in area where there are many other boats lined up, is that they are so happy to be returning to the Lambo and not one of the other boats.
What's Included
-power supply (220V)
-cabin fans
-fishing gears (fishing rods)
-snorkelling gears (masks, fins)

When it comes to food, we don't fool around. We love our food and know how important is the food on a surf trip. We choose the freshest fruits and veggies, fish and meats, nearly all of it organic. We bake our own crusty sourdough bread daily. The quality of our food is at the same level that you would expect from the best cafes and restaurants anywhere in the world.
What's included?
- 3 complete and healthy meals per day
- unlimited supply of filtered drinking water
- snacks, soft drinks and juices
- 2 beers per day
Feel free to bring your own supplements/extra beverages if you need to.