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BALI is renowned for being one of the Worlds’ top surfing destinations (Bali Surf), with warm tropical waters, huge variety of surf points and sunny skies. With surfers from all over the world making the yearly pilgrimage to Bali to get some of the surf action.
Bali is a volcanic Island surrounded by coral reefs, some of these coral reefs are surrounded by deep water channels which rise up to meet the reef shelf which with the help of ocean swells creates the ideal surf point.  Bali being exposed to swells from the south west, this provides Bali with surf all year around. The majority of surf locations are concentrated mostly in the south of Bali
Depending on which season you visit Bali. During the months of May until October, Bali gets winds from the East and South East this creates good offshore conditions on the west coast of Bali. Then from November until April the winds come from the West and south west giving the East Coast of Bali the best locations for surf.
Some of the West Coast surf points include: Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland, Bingin, Balangan, Kuta reef, airport reefs, Legian Beach, Berawa, Canggu, Balian and Medewi
Some of East Coast surf points include: Nusa Dua area, Turtle Island (serangan), Hyatt Reef and Sanur Reef, Ketewel, Tantu, Keramas.
The majority of waves on the West Coast of Bali are left handers favouring ‘Goofy Footers’. With the majority of waves of the East coast are Right handers favouring ‘Natural footers’.
This stretch of sancy Beach is located in the West coast of Bali. It is an ideal location for beginners to professional surfers, with so many peaks to choose from. Waves break on a sandy bottom rather than rock or reef like the majority of surfing spots in Bali.
BEST CONDITIONS: 1 foot to 6 foot at mid to high tides with offshore winds.
Swells bigger than this cause the waves to close out ‘Dumpers’ making it impossible to surf them.
The waves are powerful and well shaped, making surfers of all levels eager to try them out.
For Beginners this is the place to start surfing, Contact us to book your own private lesson on 282 224, our Lessons range from $50.00Usd (halfday course) although you must book in advance.  Or you can try yourself with many location to hire boards for a couple of hours, just be aware of strong undercurrents.
Or you can enjoy a relaxing day, watching the surfers ride these waves, while you enjoy yourself from a beach chair and umbrella, which are available for hire all up the beach. Or you may like a massage? or pedicure? Or buy some sarongs or sunglasses from the local touts on the beach……  cheap price for you!!
Further up the West Coast
It is worth traveling north from Kuta to the surfpoints of Canggu, Berawa, Balian and Medewi. All breaking during May until October. Medewi is the furthest surfpoint north of Kuta it is around 2.5hr drive, this wave is a long left hander and if the swell is up well worth the drive through the rice paddies and scenic villages and townships.
Located on the southern tip of Bali around 30 minutes drive from Kuta. This area is made up of rocky sandstone cliffs with magnificent beaches tucked away between the cliffs, such as Dreamland beach, Belangan Beach, Bingin and Padang Padang.  Tourism and investors are slowly taking over this area, with accommodation ranging from cheap bungalows to luxury villas and a new golfcourse. All the surfbreaks here are lefthanders.
ULUWATU is the most famous surfpoint in this area, with waves surfable up to 20 feet (faces). This surfpoint is for intermediate to experienced surfers only. The only entry and exit is through a cave located at the base of the cliffs. Best on Mid tide… offering 5 peaks to choose from depending on the swell direction and the tide. This left hand wave is fast and sucky, offering tube rides for the experienced.
 Just north of ULUWATU is PADANG PADANG this wave is a bodyboarders dream with super sucky left hand tube rides, only for experienced surfers. BINGIN Beach is lined with cheap accommodation and restaurants that look out directly to the surfpoint. Dreamland beach is the only surfpoint on the south peninsular suitable for surfers of all types with the wave breaking in deep water, best at low tide. Although with all the new developments the surf break seems to be deteriorating.
Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Sanur
All located in the Eastern coast of Bali. Numorous surfpoints, mostly right handers. best in November until April, when the winds are coming from the west.
Surf points include: Nusa Dua (Geger Beach), Mushroom rock, Sri Lankas, Sanur Reef, Hyatt Reef, Serangan (turtle Island).
There numerous more surfpoints on offer like Tantu, Ketewel and Keramas and there are more surfpoints further north, although you will need a local surfguide to show you around.
GETTING AROUND: To maximize your surftime in Bali go with the local surfguides and driver and car, they will make sure you don’t spend the day driving around trying to find the surfpoints. CONTACT us for bookings. More waves and less stress. You can organize your own private surfguided day of Surfing through World Surfaris Tours and Travel
WHAT YOU NEED:  As most of Bali’s surfpoints, break onto reef/coral bottom, it is smart to use Reef Booties. Also with the hot Bali sun beaming down everyday it is advisable to wear a Rash guard and waterproof sunblock. Surfboards: you can either bring your own or rent or buy one in Bali. All surfing equipment can be purchased at any of the major surfing shops in Kuta/Legian, with all the well known brands on sale. Also you will need a surfboard wax for tropical warm waters. While you are there pick up a tide chart as well.
Bali was introduced to Surfing as far back as the 1930s but it wasn’t until the 1970s that Bali became a real surfers destination. The Balinese people could not believe what these people (surfers) were doing, it was remarked that they were dancing on the waves. During the 1970s there was still only a small minority of the Balinese males interested in what this new kind of wave dance they were seeing and if they were lucky enough to be given a surfboard, then they could try it for themselves with a bit of coaching from the travelling surfers, that came to Bali. These Balinese became the backbone of Bali surfing and tourism. Now the local Balinese teenager either already is or wants to be a surfer or at least wants to dress like one, even the Balinese girls are now surfing. You will see local surfers ripping up the waves at there home break all over Bali. Now surfing is an important part of Balis’ economy, helping with tourism and inturn these surfers spend money on clothing, food, accommodation and transportation etc. So for the Balinese people the ocean is a great gift from the gods and they give huge respect to ‘Dewa Baruna’. The god of the ocean. And so should anyone that surfs in Bali.
Bali has it all, a range of beautiful Beaches, Sunny conditions nearly all year around, waves waves and more waves for all standards of surfers. Bali is complete with all your requirements for a relaxing holiday or Bali Surfari. To add to the experience is the Balinese people they are very friendly and caring people and love to joke and laugh, and are only too keen to help others out.
Remember: it is never too late to Learn how to surf, but remember it could change your life as once you start it is hard to stop.

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