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Asu is offshore with South, South East and South West winds. The wave is a world class left and works from
3 to 12 feet. Bawa is offshore with North, North West and North East winds. The wave is a very spread out
right made famous by Tom Curren in the original Rip Curl Search videos. Bawa is never flat and never crowded.
We also have Stand Up Paddle boards for guests to use free of charge. We have 3 other waves to surf when
conditions are favorable that we look forward to showing you!

This is an exclusive and intimate venue, with a maximum of 14 guests, in a remote part of the world (as well as Indonesia). All logistics are taken care of to and from Medan – all you have to do is surf your heart out at the two world class breaks – Asu and Bawa.

You are within walking distance to Asu Lefts which is a world class left which works from 3 feet to 12 feet and is offshore with southerly winds plus you can also surf Bawa, which was made famous by Tom Curren when he surfed massive perfect waves on his tiny fish twin surf board! Stand up paddleboards are also available to explore the area and waves.

ASU SURF CAMP: Accommodation is basic but is up there with the best in the area and considering the remoteness. Rates are for each Surfer and then there are special rates for non surfers; such as girlfriends and family..   It is a great place for the family to chill out.. crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

We specialize in fishing and surfing in paradise. We are an exclusive full service retreat that is available for a maximum of 6 guests. We provide all logistics, transportation, food, fishing and surfing for our honored guests. Our goal is to provide guests with the maximum amount of time surfing with the least amount of crowds, welcome to Asu Island, Nias area, Sumatra Indonesia.

Guests stay in spacious wooden handmade houses with air conditioned bedrooms. Directly in front of your house is the pristine white sand and crystal clear blue water of the Indian Ocean. You can throw a stone from your balcony to the beach in front. Parked right in front of your house, we have a brand new 20 foot speedboat to access the surf and fish in our area. Whether surfing Asu or fishing Asu, paradise is at your doorstep.

There is cellular phone connection for guests to use, incoming calls are free. There is also an internet connection; however it is not always accessible. The houses are 135 m2.

BENEFITS:  maximise your surf time with a minimum crowd and during the peak surf season (from March to October) these waves pump!

COMBO: you could even mix it up with a week in NIAS..

  • Due to ecology and environment, please bring a personal water bottle to carry around.
  • Sun Protection clothes and sunscreen and hats and sunglasses.
  • Any necessary medications.
  • Equipment if you prefer to use your own.We have 5-10 surfboards to choose from in different sizes.
  • We specialize in trolling with 30-50 pound test line. We provide Penn International and Shimano 2 speed reels.
  • We use a variety of feathers and rubber skirts and magnum size Rappala lures.
  • Personal Travel Insurance is recommended.


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ASU Island Surf camp – NIAS

  • North Sumatra
  • surf camps

ASU ISLAND - North Sumatra
Surfer: $1300Usd Non Surfer: $1000Usd
Surfer: $1600Usd Non Surfer: $1250Usd
TRANSPORTATION FEE: $300Usd including airfare from Medan and also car and boat transfers to Asu island)
SUITABILITY: Intermediate to experience surfers
SURROUNDINGS: magnificent beaches, countryside, nature.
FAMILY and GIRLFRIENDS will also enjoy there stay.
INCLUDED: All Meals in Asu, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Unlimited Boat transfers - for surf, fish, dive and explore, internet usage and incoming phone calls.
NOT INCLUDED: Alcohol and Beer (extra cost), accommodation in Medan.