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New Resort in Aceh – Northern Sumatra

Aura Surf Resort is a newly developed surf retreat located on the island of Simeulue in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Set amongst 15,000 sqm of beachfront parkland with a A frame – peak break right out the front. With easy access to 10 classy set ups, non surfing locals and No Crowds  is sure to prove a hit – Be one of the first to get shacked at this surf paradise.

About the Retreat

Aura Surf Resort has officially opened for business since 2011. After spending 8 months on the island building spacious bungalows and a Main Building with local builders ready for the peak season, we are very pleased and excited to present to you this exclusive Surf Resort. Located in an unexplored destination,  is fitted with 3 traditional Bungalows and a Main Building equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, lounge area, dining tables and a bar. Set on a lush backdrop of mountainous jungle and gardens with a Peak Break out the front, you can enjoy winding down in your bungalow hammock watching the amazing sunsets after a long days surf with no crowds. With over 10 secret spots and outer islands, Surf guides will have you jumping out of your skin when showing you around this oceanic playground. There are plenty of activities to do other than surfing on this pristine island. Take a swim in the natural spring spas in the nearby waterfalls, go fishing or jump on a bike and head into town to check out the markets. The island is surrounded by reefs and stunning beaches which are perfect for snorkeling, exploration and swimming. All of these activities are less than an hour motorbike trip from the Retreat and lunch packs and guides can be arranged for all activities whilst staying at the Resort



The Retreat is fitted with 3 traditional Bungalows and can accommodate up to 14 guests at any one time. Each bungalow can be fitted with a hammock on the external deck over looking The Peak and tropical gardens.  All 3 bungalows are very spacious with external decking. 2 of the bungalows sleep 2 people on each side, with the other larger bungalow sleeping up to 3 on each side.
Each bungalow is elevated 1 meter above lush grass, and lemon grass to ward off the mosquitos. Each bungalow is equipped with fans, mosquito nets, vanity with running water, fresh towels can be arranged daily and we also offer house keeping services for the duration of your stay
Each bungalow contains 2 rooms, each with 2 single beds with mosquito nets covering. The rooms can be separated or opened for bigger groups and families, queen size beds available for couples. There is plenty of wardrobe space in each, plus a sink and bathroom cabinet.  Each room contains electricity points and fans. There is a spacious verandah with relaxing chairs and coffee table.



Aura Surf Resort has an inhouse chef who provides tasty local and western style food. Lunch packs, snacks and water will be arranged for surfing trips and guided tours. Our packages all include 3 meals a day with unlimited fruit and water.


Aura Resort provides all the modern western amenities and facilities to make sure your stay is comfortable and care free. Now with Satellite television in the Restaurant and Lounge area

Medical is also free at the 2 hospitals. the main hospital in the capital is quite modern.

There are heaps of other things to do also, waterfalls, fishing, snorkelling, rainforests, villages and shopping, pingpong, volleyball, soccer, island hopping etc.

Main Building

Aura’s main Building constructed of local hardwood and woven bamboo with thatched palm roofing. The Main Building is fully equipped with many modern luxuries including bar, dining areas, TV and DVD player and surrounded by lush gardens with chill out areas.

Car & motorbike hire

Transport to and from local breaks around Simeulue Island are included in our 10 day packages. If you require additional transport including motorbikes this will be an additional cost of $10 USD a day. Cars seat 6 guests at a time only. More cars can be hired on request at an additional cost.

New Surf Tender

Aura Surf Resort is proud to announce a new addition the team the “Ombak Bagus”. Ombak Bagus meaning ‘great wave’, is an epic blue, 9.5 m speed boat with 2 x 115 hp motors able to reach speeds of 28 knots+. The boat is equipped with all safety and navigation equipment, GPS, new toilet and black canopy, and can seat up to 12 guests comfortably. This boat can fly, allowing you to explore all of the hidden breaks that lie along the 150 km coast line of the island in next to no time.




Aura Surf Resort is connected to Islands main power source. We also have a generator which can be used for filming on request. All buildings have access to power.


Aura Surf Resort has limited internet capabilities for our guests. Simeulue has telecommunication towers which allow for full reception at Aura for mobile telephone and USB internet.


Same day connection on flights provides easy access. Fly from Australia via Singapore to Medan with Singapore airlines then same day connect with domestic flight to Simeulue without any stopover onroute is very attractive and the same on the return.
7 or 10 night packages available with longer customised stays up to 28 nights available.
Packages include domestic flights Medan to Simeulue, Bungalow accommodation, all meals, unlimited fruit and water, services of expert surf guide, Car and driver to take you to other spots..  With quality surf out front and other breaks within paddling distance from shore you may not need too many boat trips.  Very reasonably priced.


The Waves

Below is a brief description of several of the waves you will have access to whilst staying Aura resort. Additionally you will have access to lesser known spots courtesy of your surf guide. There are around another 5 breaks that are lesser known including reef and beach breaks that can cater to all types of surfers


The Peak

The Peak is situated directly out the front of Aura Surf Resort and is visible from all Bungalows and Main Building. This wave holds from 2 to 10 feet+, barrels at take off and down the line. Up to approximately 80m rides in both directions. Easy paddle out from beach. Swell magnet. Suitable for all levels. Booties optional.

The Beach

The Beach offers excellent right and left barrels. Swell magnet, good up to 5 ft. Suitable for all levels.


K-Hole is located approximately 15 mins out the front by speed boat, offers a world class 150m long heavy right hander which barrels the whole way. Swell magnet, 4 to 15ft+. This wave is suitable for intermediate surfers and the more experienced. Booties are recommended.

The Secret Island

The Secret Island is approximately 1 hr travel from Aura Surf Resort and is situated on an untouched island with an amazing beach. This wave offers world class heaving right hand barrels. When smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones, varying in difficulty. The wave is approximately 100m long. All sections have barrels. Swell magnet, breaks from 2 ft to 8ft+, Intermediate +. Booties are recommended.

Tou Tous

100+ m long left, from reef to sand, Excellent fast wave with barreling takeoff and sections. 3 to 8 ft, Suitable for all levels


Dylans has a fast perfect right hand barrel and works with solid swells. 20 minutes travel from Aura Surf Resort. Booties are recommended. 1 to 5 ft, suitable for intermediate +

The Swell

Simeulue has the longest fetch out of any Indonesian Island. It can utilize swells from the North West around India and the Maldives. This is a bonus as it does not have to rely on Southern swells like most other Indonesian surfing spots. It also picks up the full brunt of South swells as the island is situated at more of an angle than the other islands and is at the top of a 6km deep x 800mile trench. All this means that a stay at Aura resort is frequently accompanied by long period clean swell – every surfers dream.

Summary of access to all surf breaks accessible from Aura Surf Resort.
From closest to furthest as described by resort management.

Aura Surf Resort is situated right in the middle of a pristine 3km long white sandy beach, with the Peak right out the front, a swell magnet that has good waves pretty much everyday, and is usually 3 to 5 feet and spitting.

Peak – directly out the front, easy paddle out
4  beach breaks – 2 within 2 mins walking distance, 2 within 3 min drive either bike or car
Unnamed reef peak – approx 5 mins north by bike, excellent for mals, long rides in both directions.
Dylans – epic fast 50m long hollow right hander, 25mins by road south, 15 mins by boat
KHOLE – 15 mins out the front by speed boat, 150m long epic heavy right 4 to 15ft +
Mincau – amazingly beautiful island that has a good right in the right conditions, fast hollow approx 100m long, 15 mins speed boat out the front
Unnamed left – 20 mins by speed boat south, 200m+ long rides, various sections,
Tou Tous – 150m long left point break 30 mins north by road and 20 mins by boat
Unnamed beach and left reef – approx 30 mins south by road, and 20mins by boat
Right reef break – at south end of island, approx 35mins by road 25 mins by boat
Secret Island – absolutely epic right hand barrel, 30 mins by boat north
Left on other side of channel from secret island – hollow barrelling left approx 90m long various sections.

There are about 4 other waves within 40 mins travel to be assessed in more detail.

Car travel is included in the price. Guests would only really be setting off on 1 car trip per day, if wanting to stay out all day on the boat or car we would take a packed lunch for them.

It is easy to split the surfers and we would prefer it that way, some people can surf the immediate area, some take bikes, some go by car. and some by boat.  Non boat surfers can have a guide if needed.

Our scooters have board racks and are semi auto i.e. no clutch, just foot pedal to change gears and very easy to learn in a few mins. The roads are extremely safe, ie there is only 1 road that goes around the whole island. It’s impossible to get lost, and the road was all brand new laid bitumen about 2 to 3 years ago.

Local customs:

Simeulue locals are very religious and certain customs must be respected.  On the mainland and in view of locals, females should not wear skimpy clothing. Sarongs are recommended to cover the legs when walking around in public along with shirts covering the shoulders.  For swimming out front of Aura Surf Resort and other places on mainlaind Simeulue, females should not wear 2 piece bikinis and should wear a 1 piece swimsuit with a pair of boardshorts over.

When travelling to the remote outer islands on boat trips and not in view of locals it is absolutely fine for bikinis to be worn.


  1. Shaun Levings
    May 4, 2011

    Can’t wait to head up here with you in August Mick !

    • michael
      May 4, 2011

      sama sama i am amped, will have to score some browny points big time with Made before August hahahahha see you in Medan

  2. Nick
    September 1, 2011

    Hi Guys, can you give me some prices on the Aceh surf camp please.



    • michael
      September 9, 2011

      Hi Nick.. can you send me an email to and i will give you all the info you need…

      kind regards

  3. shea ballantyne
    January 19, 2012


    can you please email me some dates and prices for two guys around june,also what flights etc we need



    • michael
      January 30, 2012

      Hi Shea,

      Can you send an email to and i would be more than happy to give you all the info you need..

      kind regards
      Michael Hill

  4. Thomas
    January 20, 2012


    I’m an Aussie working in Laos in 2012, I have 2weeks off every month or so and I’m trying to organize a few nth Sumatra/aceh trips for my time off. I was just wondering what your availabilies are and also 7 night pakage costs for pre preak season, ie now till may.


    Thomas Murray

    • michael
      January 30, 2012

      Hi Thomas,

      Great thanks for your message.. please send me an email and i will get back to you with all the answers..

      kind regards
      Michael Hill

  5. stu
    March 13, 2012

    hi Michael,

    looking at a trip mid jan next year can you tell the cost for my son and i for 10 nights and all expenses inc air fares ?
    It could extend to a group of about 7-10 of us if the prices are ok.
    all the best ,Stu

    • michael
      March 20, 2012

      thanks Stu for your comments… send me an email to and i will reply with all the info you will need… 2012 saw great uncrowded surf during jan and feb…. thanks Michael

  6. jason wyness
    March 12, 2013

    hi i would like to find out the prices of packages and wether their are any specials.i am wanting to stay for 7 days round end may beginning email is

    • michael
      March 13, 2013

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your ,essage.. can you please send me a email to and i will answer all your questions and give you a quote..
      thanks Michael

  7. Anthony
    April 27, 2014

    Hi what’s the prices for 7 day trip

    • michael
      May 8, 2014

      Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for your message.. please send me an email to and i will let you know prices etc.. please let me know when you are interested in travelling.. kind regards Michael

  8. tobi
    June 26, 2015

    hey guys,

    I come to KUL 13.12.15 is the camp open at that time, what are the rates for singles or couples and what else do I have to know ???

    Pls. send me all the infos.

    Many thanks


    • michael
      July 11, 2015

      HI Toby, We are usually closed for cleaning and repairs etc mid to end of December.. but JAN we are open … send me an email to and let me know your situation and i will give you all the info etc.. kind regards Michael


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