World Surfaris Bali New Office!!!

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World Surfaris Bali – New Office!!!

Hi all,

Some awesome photo’s have come in from Michael Hill our Bali counterpart. Our World Surfaris Bali team have been kitted out in Billabong gear since we now have a sales desk within the Billabong Legian shop office; similar to Scardy’s set up at KirraSurf. Next time you’re in Bali drop in and say Selamat Pagi! Michael is one of those friendly chaps that will always give you the time of day and the rest of Team World Surfaris Bali are bagus! Any World Surfaris customers will receive a 10% discount off anything instore at the Billabong Legian shop. If you want a local to take you surfing whilst in Bali to avoid the crowds & get the best conditions to suit your ability, then World Surfaris Australia office can book Bali surf-guiding prior to your arrival or just call into on our Bali offices to book when you are there.

World Surfaris Bali now have 2 offices with head office in Sanur and the new Customer SURFERS desk inside  Billabong Store  Legian Street

Read below from Michael Hill, – We think they are looking pretty dapper in their new uniforms! Actually our World Surfaris Aussie staff are pretty jealous and hitting the boss up for new uniforms !

Hi all,

We have now updated our brochure envelope which guests will get on arrival here it is (see photo below)..

And also we have now got a full range of Billabong rashies with WS logo printed on the back … surfguides and guests that do surfing clinics will be wearing them…

Not to mention new lightweight black billabong boardies with WS embroided on their pocket….Sweet!

Talk about getting the word out there… we are now looking pretty good in Bali….

It has taken a while to get our look happening… I know our vans won’t get lost in a hurry…

All you guys have to do now is all get WS tats on your shoulders..

Kind regards


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