WEST JAVA – no green boardshorts

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Hi all,

No Green Boardshorts…. i am not going to discuss this but when you go ask the locals.. they will surely let you know about the LEGEND.

Finally i have found time to get back into the office…  i recently went up to WEST JAVA to suss it all out.. it has been ages since i have surfed Cimaja.. last time was with Video photographer  expertise.. Dick Hoole…  Well i must say some years have gone by, but i must say it still has the same feel as then, a small sleepy seaside village.. well until Friday comes around the all of the suites from Jakarta come  down to soak up a bit of sun..  Well hears is how it went  down..

Arrived around 5pm into Jakarta (bad Move) caught in traffic for 2.5 hours just trying to get out of Jakarta (wont arrive into Jakarta during peak hour again – usual trip 4hrs max to Cimaja).. finally out and on the TOLL WAY.. was around midnight before i got to my accommodation.. thanks to Gulam (driver) had to punch into him a few RED BULLS to ensure a safe trip… great set up it was a 4 bedroom bungalow with full kitchen veranda facing the beach and a BBQ .. felt like a caravan park down the south coast of OZ..  although they used BAMBOO…

so next morning CIMAJA was the spot.. 3 to4 foot around 15 people out and glass sheets.. nice way to be reintroduced to this wave.. nice vibe in the water also..  after a surf met the Cimaja locals..Dede and Jerry Suryana, EGG surf photograher,  CEKI, SENDI.. not to mention my surfguide JAYA..

Over the next couple of days i surfed SUNSETs  nice little beachy with some fast wall sections.. Andrea local surfer who rents surfboards to the Jakartaites.. was all over it..  SAWARNA early morning trip had it with 1 other local… 2 to 4 foot so fun this left hander..  Took Komo and Jaya and headed up to TURTLES.. spot cek at LOJIs unfortunately this gem of a wave was only 1 foot..  geez i want to surf it at 4 foot + it is an insane set up.. just about in the gate at TURTLES and a storm came over turtles was blown out… DING DONG.. what a bugger.. but took the time to say goodday to the staff and surfers at Turtles surf camp.. looking pretty comfortable with 8 new airconditioned rooms.. and a new restaurant..  tailed it back down to Pelabuhan ratu…  got a sneaky arvo wave at CIMAJA  pretty stormy but only a couple of us out so still worth the effort… There was a bunch of Aussies down there surfers of course one of there mates was getting married to a local girl. Always good for a chat..

Next morning Cimaja and then another trip to Sawarna and also Samudra ..  6 days of surf, bumpy roads and ultimate countryside, friendly locals, and most importantly.. have now got this place sorted with packages for everyone from the guys on a budget and for those that want to bring the family.. and for those that want to enjoy WEST JAVA  with some creature comforts..  I give this location the thumbs up and definitely will be going back soon..  Not a lot of Locals and all were freindly, not much to do but surf and explore, some great local restaurants, mini markets everywhere now.. Dede Suryana is just about to OPEN a QUICKSILVER shop at his place up the road from Cimaja.  Nordas place still goes off on a Saturday night.. really nice variation of Asian and western food.. and now there is a new place that heats up the Pizza oven every week end..     EASY ACCESS also you can fly in from Bali or from overseas straight into JAKARTA so take a look at our packages we have … sure there is one for you!!!!


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