Surf Report – Bali – 28th July 2011

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Hi Stranger,

Well today was the last day for my Kiwi mate Wayne. So i took him down to ULUS.. on arrival it was definitely pumping with cars and bikes arriving in convoy with the incoming tide heading for a high at 8.30. I had a strange feeling coming out through the cave looking at the close out bombs coming through but too late already through the cave in getting swept out into the line up. Well first wave took off close out and then SNAP!!!!!!!  legrope pulled away from the leg strap ‘see you later board’, i thought no it couldn’t happen today and then it sunk in…i have to swim to Padang Padang beach well the back beach… and oh no my 3 month old NEW CUSTOM DYLAN board it is probably now in many peices drifting around in the wash it was a very sad moment.. so away i swam 30 minutes later got to the beach still no sign of the board…  i then saw something floating in the distance it was the same colour as my board WHITE but it was the size of half a bodyboard… well if it was part of my board i felt obliged to go and get it… so out i swam getting closer i realised it was a bloody bit of styrofoam floating around.. i felt like hugging it and calling it my DYLAN just to ease the pain…So i gave up, walked up the stairs and back to ULUs still with the legrope strap around my ankle, talk about the little boy that lost his icecream…

On arrival in the carpark at ULUS it was a sad affair..but had to give it one last shot..  on walking down the stairs i saw one of the life guards and said no one found a Dylan surfboard have they…. The Lifeguard MR KETUT PERIKSA said Michael?? At that time i had goosebumps of hope.. he then said Yep here it is but sorry eh there is a couple of dings up around the nose of the board.. i looked and there it was my DYLAN still in one peice, fins and all with a couple of scratched.. i had to go and caress it and mate i can tell you it felt good…  I would like to say a big THANKS to KETUT PERIKSA Life guard at Uluwatu he is definitely a life saver… and a board saver.. just as i collected my board and have Ketut a big thank you rupiah handshake i saw another guy swimming around with his board floating in the wash…well KETUT was off again..  Life Guard Board Saver Legend you are Mr KETUT you my friend are…

Well my day was over but i can tell you what it was really starting to fire… with the swell predicted to be coming in again on SUNDAY with expected 8 to 10 foot+  you boys can have it, i’ll be polishing up my Dylan “returned from the grave”   here are some photos of this morning..  cheers Michael

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