Surf Report – Bali – 26th July 2011

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Hi all,

Bit of rain overnight and still drizzle this morning, we headed down to ULUS were there by 7am. On arrival we saw waves rolling in at the solid 4 foot range and decided to head out to racetracks. The wind was slightly side shore and seas were pretty stormy. We snuck into half a dozens waves each before the wind and the current picked up. We surfed for 1.5hrs with only 2 of us out. There were still good waves coming through at Outside Temples and with only another 6 guys out there…everyone was stocked…  That was the most uncrowded surf i have ever had at ULUS in the last 15 years… stocked it can still happen

But i don’t think it will happen again in the near future..

take care Michael – World Surfaris Bali

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