Night surfing – Keramas

Posted by michael on Apr 2, 2013 in Journal | No Comments

On the 28th March 2013 we just had to go take a peep up at  KOMUNE Resort Keramas for the NIGHT SURFING.

It was going off.. pretty crazy 6 – 8 foot bombs coming through..  it was amazing and the guys surfing it were even more amazing..  Was scarey on the low tide oooooohhh no fear… bit too scarey,  needs the higher tide forsure. I took the kids up, they had a ball..   sorry battery on the camera went dead so only a few photos… Shagga was all over it!  nice work

It is available to the public now.. you pay to surf and they turn the lights on…  for more info ask us or you can call us once in Bali on 0361 287 555 or 081236179686.
We have great deals if you want to stay at KOMUNE resort also..

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