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Bali surf

This Just in from Micheal Hill in our Bali Offices,  Bali deserves her fame as surf spot destination, all year surf, huge variety of accommodation for every budget and perfect for the boys, the family or the romantic get a way. Have a look in - Click here and get planning today!

Hey surf crew,

Just to let you know that WORLD SURFARIS BALI OFFICE is opening its NEW OFFICE this Sunday, located on the main highway in SANUR and guess what just across the road from McDONALDS. It is definitely user friendly and you can’t miss our signage…  so next time in Bali drop on in…    oh yeah in between moving location we have been scoring some great surf BOTH SIDES of the Island.

Yesterday I surfed Keramas area and it was soooo glassy with waves overhead on sets on the incoming tide.. Serangan has been on as well.. not too mention some sick swells hitting Uluwatu… so BALI now is gearing up for a super summer season. With loads of right handers turning on.  NOW is the time to come to Bali with BOTH SIDES of the Island working… from Keramas to Balian to Uluwatu to Nusa Dua….  With a day or too getting wind affected from the south tradies…     ROTE ISLAND has been getting some great surf also.. (busiest day 40 on T-land), LOMBOKwith its great range of surfpoints is looking good for summer.. (Deserts has had some perfect barrels this season, we managed to hook up my mate Clayton Barr and his mates from Central Coast with one of the days with our speed boat day trip from Bali left at 6am and back by 5pm even got a surf in at shipwrecks in Nusa Lembongan on the way back…………)   Lakey Peak has been popular also this year, although the airlines have been playing silly buggers with us all! Lakey lefts and rights, periscopes, nunggas, cobblestones all had there days this year.. I heard there was a croc spotted at periscopes the other day only a small bugger lost his way or new exactly where he was going to find some perfect rights….

NEW PRODUCT: Next year World Surfaris will be the sole agent for LAKEY PEAK HOUSES right in front of the peak super for small groups of couples and even better for the families, this year Lakeys has been the hot spot for the whole family. The houses are in Aman Gati Hotel so all the same facilities…as well as a super speed boat that will be for charter to take guests surfing to a load more spots, 1 is world class on its day. The guys are currently still sussing out the fishing, the dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling and also the surfing, the problem is we don’t know when THEY will be ready to let us enjoy it also… soak it up fellas…  anyway back to work… see you all up in INDO…   Cheers  Michael (World Surfaris Bali)

Bali surf

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