Aceh Surf House – North Sumatra

Posted by michael on Aug 26, 2011 in Journal | One Comment

Hi all,

I couldn’t resist putting more of the photos from our trip..  Tropical Paradise.  Did you know that before the Tsunami there were more than 100 cases of malaria in hospital at the one time… since the Tsunami there is estimated 2 or 3. So the Tsunami wiped out the mosquitos.. also no one died on the Island from the Tsunami as the kids new to run to the mountains as per a song they all have been taught from there grandparents telling them if the water dissappears to run to the mountains which was due to back in the early 1900s there was also a Tsunami.. and another fact was that all the animals (water buffaloes, goats and dogs ran up into the mountains the night before the Tsunami.  There are now NEW WAVES to ride but also OLD WAVES that have dissappeared. There is a feeling of pride amongst the people and also friendliness to however they meet. I for one will definitely go back, and hope that the GODS look after them in the mean time..  For those wanting UNCROWDED WAVES, ADVENTURE, SENSE of EXPLORING, GREAT FOOD and SUPER HOSTS, TIME TO GET BACK TO REALITY, A WORLD AWAY FROM THE WORLD WE KNOW…. up to you…



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  1. Justin
    August 26, 2011

    Yyyyeewwwww looks awesome!
    I’ve got to get up there :)


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