6 June 2012 – East Coast

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Hi friends,    Well the wind has backed off for a couple of days at least we hope so i headed to the local for a couple of waves and shore enough with wind was no where to be found.. it was fantastic.. JUNE in Bali surfing on the East coast while other areas are getting hit by the tradewinds and everyone heading west coast (they can have it).. have to be lucky..  luckily i met a Aussie guy out there from Avalon and got talking in between waves worked out that i met his best mate last year same time.. and i remembered on that i day i took some photos in which i have put on this journal…. i must say last year was a little better than today although today was very special  LESS PEOPLE and wave tally was way up there..surfed from 6 – 10 with the last 2 hours before hightide turning it on..with really high tides of 2.6metres it is getting really bumpy an hour before and after the high tide.. these tides are lasting for atleast another 3 days..and lo0ks like the swell is on the increase again..  heres to the Avalon boys..  nice talking to you.. and surfing for that matter.   waves waves waves both sides of Bali…  And it still doesn’t seem that busy in Bali at the moment.. im taking it while i can…

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  1. Phil B
    June 12, 2012

    Looks great Mike…..life’s tough when you’ve got waves like this…..we’ve seen these conditions before sometime!!…we’ve got cold air and frost here…see you soon I hope…cheers Phil


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