Some Pointers:

1) Don’t drink the tap water you can buy bottled water everywhere in Indonesia this is suitable to drink.
2) Be careful of corrupt Money changers – change your money at the hotel or at the bank.
3) Put your valuables in the safety deposit at the hotel
4) Don’t carry to much money around with you.
5) Make sure you drink plenty of water (keep your fluids up as dehydration is one of the major causes of BALI BELLY (upset stomach)
6) TIME SHARE – nothing is free in Bali, people will contact you or stop you in the street with these schemes to get you to buy TIME SHARE – enjoy this holiday don’t get tied up into something that you don’t need. They are cunning.
7) SALADS – it is alright to eat salads, restaurants and hotels in Bali understand the needs of guests. Many people say they will give you an upset stomach as it has been washed in the tap water, this is untrue.
One tip is to eat at restaurants that seems busy.
8) TRANSPORT – Be aware that everyone in Bali seems to have a friend/family member that has a car that can take you around Bali. Be careful 99% of the time the tariff changes once you get in the car, they cannot speak English, they take you where they want to go not where you want to go, they are UNLICENSED and with NO INSURANCE. Don’t let your holiday end up being a nightmare. We can help you out with all your needs at competitive prices.
9) MOTORBIKES – CAR RENTAL – Don’t take the chance. There are little or no road rules in Bali. If you have an accident even if it is not your fault you will still be at blame as being a tourist. The police will stop you every chance they get and tell you that you are doing something illegal and demand donations.
10) BARTERING – This is something that takes time to get used to, basically start off at 30% of what the shop owner says and slowly increase the price you usually pay around 50-60% of what they. Bartering is not done in proper shops it is only in the garage like stalls.
11) RESPECT – Always respect the locals and they will respect you back, You will find that everyone greets you with a smile. Also just remember DON’T RUBBISH BALI (put rubbish in the located bins)
12) SUNBLOCK – the sun is fierce in Indonesia so ensure you liberally coat your body with sunscreen before going out into the sun.


If travelling domestic in Indonesia there is a Domestic Departure Tax payable at the airport it is Rp30,000 (around $3.00Usd).
If travelling International there is a International Departure Tax payable at the airport it is Rp150,000 (around $15.00Usd).


Everybody must obtain a Visa to Indonesia it is $25.00Usd (this is a VISA ON ARRIVAL (VOA) it is payable on arrival at the airport. Visas are valid for 30 days. If you intend to stay more than 30 days in Indonesia, visit your local Indonesian Consulate to enquire about a 60 day visa (please note these are only issued outside of Indonesia – therefore you will have to apply for this visa in your own country).